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Difference between Adhoc Testing and Exploratory Testing

  • Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2020

1. Adhoc Testing :
This testing requires no documentation or any specific procedure to be followed. Since this testing targets at discovering defects via a random approach, except any documentation, defects will no longer be mapped to check cases. You can use this testing to randomly test any part of the application.

2. Exploratory Testing :
It is a kind of software testing that targets to optimize and enhance the software program in every viable way. In this kind of testing the tester is free to choose any feasible methodology to check the software. It is an unscripted strategy for software program testing. In exploratory testing, software program developers use their private learning, knowledge, abilities, and competencies to check the software program developed by means of themselves.

Difference between Adhoc Testing and Exploratory Testing :

S.No.Adhoc TestingExploratory Testing
1.In this, the first step is to understand the application by learning the background process behind it, and then testing is performed.In this, the tester can test the application without any prior knowledge and can understand the application in the middle of testing the application.
2.This is a type of testing in which the one who is testing the app should have prior knowledge of the app or software in which they are going to perform Adhoc testing.In this, there is no compulsion of prior knowledge i.e. the tester can test the software or app without any knowledge.
3.In this, there is no target set or any goal to complete as it tests randomly.In this, goals and targets can be set.
4.In this, there is no such documentation as compared to Exploratory testing.In this, there is proper documentation and any testing will be done based on particular documentation only.
5.It has very little practical use as compared to Exploratory testing.It has good practical use in the market to test applications and software.
6.This testing is not well structured as compared to Exploratory testing.This testing is known for its structured documentation.
7.In this, bugs cannot be handled properly.In this, critical bugs can be handled efficiently.

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