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Difference between Scripted testing and Exploratory testing

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Apr, 2022
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1. Scripted testing: 

In Scripted testing to test specific functionality a tester follows a detailed step-by-step systematic approach. For this testing in advance the tester has to define the test cases of the functionality along with its instructions to perform it and finally the expected outcome of the test. Testers clearly follow the testing instructions and steps but in case they may deviate from the script but which is very minimal in case of scripted testing. It ensures that every functionality must be tested and passed. In this scripted testing skilled resources, well scripted instructions and test cases and verification are required.


  1. Well-suited for automation.
  2. Good at finding functional defects.
  3. Standardized documentation helps in repeatability and tracking.


  1. Non-standard testing out comes is a concern.
  2. Fewer bugs are found.
  3. Testing horizon is limited to script only.

2. Exploratory testing:

Exploratory testing is more towards learning and experience based testing approach means it depends more on the responsibility of a tester. So, a tester can apply this exploratory testing to any test technique and at any time development stage. The key aspect of exploratory testing is it depends on the skills and experience of individual testers. As it is adaptable to changes, so it is very good for rapid changing development process and well suited for the agile development approach.


  1. It analyzes the application in a better way when the application is live.
  2. Testers’ creativity, experience, & skill have a great impact on testing outcome.
  3. Helps in finding usability & UI issues.
  4. Project owners can get insights that were not possible to get with scripted tests.


  1. There is no documentation for reference.
  2. A bias depending on the tester can exist.
  3. Critical bugs can be missed.

Difference between Scripted testing and Exploratory testing :




01.The test scripts can be traced back to the original requirements and specifications to demonstrate test coverage.In this testing no well documented, clear and measurable test coverage.
02.The application is verified against the specifications.The application is verified and compared against the expectations and understanding of the tester.
03.The testing can be easily reproduced.Where as in exploratory testing, testing can not be reproduced, but the defects can be.
04.This approach emphasizes prediction and decision-making.This approach emphasizes adaptability and learning.
05.At the end of test cycle bugs are detected.This approaches focuses more on test design.
06.Testers need to follow the sequence and steps of test cases which are designed in advance.Testers can alter tests on the fly.
07.Feedback is slower.Enables rapid feedback.
08.In this testing all test scripts and test cases are designed and reviewed in advance.As like scripted testing, in this test cases cannot be reviewed in advance.
09.At the end of the testing cycle, testers can confirm if all the requirements have been met or not.As there is no clear and documented test cases, so there is no way to check and confirm that all the requirements have been met.
10.Managing test coverage is easier.Managing test coverage is challenging.
11.It can be automated. It cannot be automated.
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