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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for FTE Graduate Analyst | On-Campus July 2020

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Company Name – Deutsche Bank

Job Profile – Graduate Analyst (Technology)

Location – Pune/ Bangalore

Placement Process – 5 Rounds

1. Coding Round (1:30 hours):

  1. 20 points (getting the cumulative sum of GCDs over the indices given (eg: 0-2, 1-4, etc) on a list)
  2. 50 points (getting the size of a squared matrix by placing numbers in it with a finite distance between them across all directions)
  3. 50 points (I don’t remember the exact question but it was related to making a combination of numbers based on their indices)

I was not able to pass a few test-cases for Q1 and could pass all the test-cases for Q2.

A total of 46 students were selected for the next round.

2. Tech interview I (45 mins): The following questions were asked: 

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Resume-based questions. He asked me to explain a project in-depth and my contribution to it.
  3. Questions related to why did you choose a particular language/framework/database over the other were asked.
  4. Difference between OOP concepts in Python and Java.
  5. Exception handling.
  6. Django framework architecture.
  7. Pseudo-code for a problem statement. There are two arrays of objects with attributes Student name & roll no in one and, roll no & semester-wise CGPA in the other. I had to return an array of objects with attributes Student name and average CGPA greater than 7.
  8. He then asked me if I had any questions. I had asked one related to tech.

I was dicey about this round because the majority of my projects were in Django and the interviewer was more oriented towards Java however, I could justify my answers

A total of 36 students were selected for the next round.

3. Tech interview II (45 mins): The following questions were asked: 

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why did you switch to python? (since I had mentioned being a python developer in the above question). He didn’t see my resume till the end.
  3. He then asked me to explain any one of my projects in depth. I would suggest choosing the one where there is an equal contribution by the entire team because the next question was to explain everyone’s contribution (who did development, testing, etc).
  4. I was asked to create an ER diagram for Student scores. He wanted scores based on subject, semester, and department-wise. He asked me to explain the ER diagram (attributes and relations). He then asked me to write a query to get the top 5 students across all departments who had excelled in Mathematics. The second query was to get the top performer (aggregate score-wise) in Computer Science Department.
  5. The next question was to choose a data structure for a college organization. He wanted to get all the siblings at a level, who is whose child and who is the whose parent with the least time complexity.
  6. He asked me why I wanted to join a banking company instead of a product-based company and if I had any questions. I had asked one related to tech.

A total of 24 students were selected for the remaining rounds.

4. Professional Fit (30 mins): The following questions were asked: 

  1. Questions about my strengths, weaknesses, and career goals.
  2. Describe yourself in one sentence.
  3. There was one scenario-based question.
  4. What do I think DB must be doing in the tech domain.

I don’t remember the entire discussion but all the questions were personality-based. He then asked me if I had any questions. I had asked one related to the committees DB had.

5. HR (20 mins):

The HR had a list of questions already ready. It was more like question-answer than conversation. I don’t remember all the questions, some of them were

  1. Why DB?
  2. Different scenarios around teamwork
  3. What are the values of DB? (shown in the pre-placement talk) I was able to explain a few along with examples
  4. Describe yourself in one sentence

Then she asked me if I had any questions. I had asked which sports were practiced in the company.

In the end, 22 were selected from my college.

Personal Notes: 

  1. Be CONFIDENT!!! I would stress maximum over this.
  2. I had referred GFG for data-structures, algorithms, OOP concepts, and DBMS.
  3. I had practiced domain-wise coding questions from GFG and Leet-code. HackerRank for SQL.
  4. There wasn’t an Aptitude round here but in case if anybody wants to practice it for other companies, refer to IndiaBIX.
  5. Also remember that since we are freshers, they don’t expect us to know everything perfectly. If you are confused, ask them for a hint/help.
  6. Explain your approach, they will help you if you are wrong. Listen to their instructions/questions/problems carefully.
  7. If you are not able to understand their question, ask again, don’t assume.
  8. Last but not least, luck matters, so I would say be prepared.

Wish you all the very best for your placements! 🙂

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Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2021
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