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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience(Graduate Analyst)

Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2019
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Deutsche bank visited our campus for internship and FTE in august 2019

Job profile : Graduate analyst

Location: Pune


Round 1:

Round one was online coding consisted of 3 coding questions and time allotted was 1.5 hours. Two questions were easy and one was tough. questions were based on strings, binary index tree and one simple question counting no of  digits and letters.

Out of around 150 students applied  for online test, they shortlisted 28 for interviews.

Solving two questions would get you shortlisted.


Round 2:

This was technical round. Interviewer started with his introduction and then mine. Then he asked some basic questions on data structures (Ex.insert a  node in any position in linked list etc). Then he gave one puzzle . Puzzle was to insert 1-9 numbers in nine blocks in a box structures given by him. It was easy.

Then he asked me to write merge sort algorithm and then he asked if i have any questions, I asked few basic (internet copied ) questions 😉

This was easy round, Interviewer was friendly . The shortlisted 12 out of  27 for next round.

Round 3:

This was second technical interview. For me this was very tough interview. He asked me to explain OOPS concepts.

Do prepare OOPS, its important. Then he asked if i know internal implementation of Hash map,   i said no, but i said i can give my approach like how i would have designed it, We had long discussion where i was not able to answer most of the question, but i think he liked my approach to not give up without trying :), Then he asked some standard coding questions like finding nearest perfect square without using any libraries or functions(you can only use +, -, *, /) then at the end he asked  an SQL query which i was able to write.

Although i was not able to answer most of the questions but i tried on every question, So do prepare OOPS and be confident and if you don’t know the tell them directly, and be confident.

Round 4:

This was profit round as they call it (i had never heard this before ), this was much or less like hr round . some standard hr questions, and then why Deutsche bank etc. Then he gave me a scenario in which i was asked how would i resolve conflicts with my colleague, just be sensible and confident and value yourself as well as colleague in this type of questions, Then i asked him some of the questions i asked in previous round;)

Round 5:

This was hr round, she asked same couple of questions like background and why db etc . This round seemed like just a formality, all previous rounds were crucial.

After all rounds they announced the result and selected 8 students and i was one of them?

I thank GFG for helping me during preparation, Kudos

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