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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Graduate Analyst or Technology Analyst 2021

Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2022
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There are 5 Rounds (OT + 2 Technical + HR+ Profit )

1. Online Test on HackerEarth (90 min)

There are 3 coding Questions (Easy, Medium, Medium), I have solved two and a half.

2. First Technical (45 min)

  • He asked me about the project mentioned in my Resume.
  • Few simple SQL queries and 1-2 based on joins
  • Questions on C like the difference between void main and main (void), about static variables, and a few more.
  • Some basics of Java and C++.
  • Bubble Sort

Coding Question (for all asked for multiple approaches)

  1. Check Palindrome with several variations
  2. Reverse string with characters and vowels
  3. One more question that I won’t remember but that was a tricky one 🙂

Three aptitudes based puzzle (seems like Rapid fire)

  1. Maximum runs a batsman can score in an ODI match.
  3. A man is allocated a task. He doubles the task done every day. If the man completely does the task in 25 days, how many days did it take for the man to complete 25% of the task?

3. Second Technical (45 min)

  • Asked about my project (Deep dive) and competitors for the project. How your idea is different.
  • Asked about SQL Query, ACID Property, Concurrency Control Protocols. (All in-depth )
  • How to represent many many relationships within the tables.
  • Java questions:: Constructors, method overloading, and some more basic questions.
  • DSA Basics on Linked List, Tree (Binary Tree, BST, Balanced BST), and a few more.

Asked me, Suppose if we hire you. In which end do you wish to work (frontend or backend).

Some situation-based questions.

4. HR Round(15 min)

  1. Explain both the Projects.
  2. What I learned at NITT
  3. How you will be an asset to DB
  4. Some Basic HR questions and asked about preferred Job location.

5. Profit Round (15 min)

  1. Asked about my journey to MCA.
  2. Why choose MCA over CA (as I have Commerce + Maths in 12th).
  3. Asked me to share my leetcode profile.
  4. Do you know about Blockchain?
  5. Strength and weakness.
  6. Short-term and long-term goals.

Verdict: Selected

Some points you can consider (If you want)

  • Only mentions those things in your Resume on which you are confident.
  • If you don’t know anything don’t sit blank.
  • As everyone says that know and everything about your project. (Do some research on Google)
  • Just take your time while giving answers to the questions. (Most Imp)
  • While answering any situational-based questions try to give an example and If possible try to relate with the Job Profile. Hope this will Help You!

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