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Barclays Interview Experience for BA3 Graduate Analyst (On-Campus) 2021

Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2022
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Registered: 01st August 2021

Preplacement talk: 01st October 2021  

Round 1(1:30hrs): 01st October 2021

  1. Programming questions(medium level)
  2. Total number of questions: 2
  3. Multiple Choice Questions(tech + aptitude)(easy to medium level)
  4. Total number of questions: 30

Happened in HackerEarth, 29 students were shortlisted including me.

Round 2 (1hr): 05th October 2021

  1. Tech + behavioral
  2. Complete understanding of things in resume(project, tools & technologies)
  3. OS, DBMS, CN, DSA
  4. In DSA question is situational 
    1. What kind of algorithm you use in this scenario and why
    2. Time complexity
  5. Some aptitude also popped up
  6. Critical behavioral questions are also came like conflicting answers

15 students were shortlisted including me as final selects.

  • Overall its good experience
  • Got placed
  • 01st August 2022 onboarded 
  • All the best

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