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Conversion of S-R Flip-Flop into D Flip-Flop

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Prerequisite – Flip-flop 1. S-R Flip-Flop : S-R flip-flop is similar to S-R latch expect clock signal and two AND gates. The circuit responds to the positive edge of clock pulse to the inputs S and R. 2. D Flip-Flop : D Flip-Flop is a modified SR flip-flop which has an additional inverter. It prevents the inputs from becoming the same value. Conversion of S-R Flip-Flop into D Flip-Flop :
  • Step-1: We construct the characteristic table of D flip-flop and excitation table of S-R flip-flop.
  • Step-2: Using the K-map we find the boolean expression of S and R in terms of D.
    S = D
    R = D' 
  • Step-3: We construct the circuit diagram of the conversion of S-R flip-flop into D flip-flop.

Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2020
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