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Cisco Interview Experience | Set 11 (Network Consultant Engineer)
  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2016

There were total 5 rounds in the process:

1st round :

50 MCQ were asked, topics were basic aptitude questions on series, venn diagram, train problem, C output questions on pointers, C string manipulation questions,
4-5 electronics questions(for non-cs background). First attempt easy questions don’t waste time on difficult questions. No negative marking, test was on metle platform

2nd round : (around 45 – 60 min)Technical interview

They asked about networking concepts like addressing subnetting, CIDR, Remote booting, ARP, DHCP, RARP, loopback address and some logical/reasoning questions on network topologies, MAC address and MAC layer, asked how will you rate yourself in Java/C they check basic programing knowledge.

3rd round(45- 60 min) : Technical round

They asked about project mentioned in resume, as most of my project were based on networks so I was able to answer their questions easily. They asked various technical aspects of project and how we achieved our goal.(they asked me to write any script which wrote in project)

4th round : Managerial round

It was a stress interview, they checked patience level of candidate,they tried to contradict me on various topics and asked me answer them correctly, One should answer these type of questions without losing temper.

5th round : HR round

They asked about hobbies, discussed about role,my role in project, any conflict of thoughts in project.
Finally I was selected πŸ™‚

Cisco hiring team is experienced, they make us feel comfortable in the interview process.

All the best πŸ™‚

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