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Cisco Interview Experience-Consulting Engineer

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There were a total of 4 Rounds in the interview process.

Round 1(Online Round): The first round basically comprised of 1 coding question and 25 MCQs. The total time was 60 minutes. The MCQs were related to topics Computer Networking, C, Aptitude, and Electronics. The test was conducted on Hackerrank.

Round 2 (Technical): The second round was of 45 minutes. They asked about computer network stuffs like Subnet Mask, Subnetting, All the seven layers of OSI model.

Some questions from the operating system(deadlock and Ubuntu commands) and C.

Round 3 (Managerial): This round was also 45 minutes. I was asked about my project which was mentioned in my resume. After that computer networking questions like working of the website, DNS, routing, IP address and its types(ipv4 and ipv6) , bandwidth concept, device in each layer of OSI model, and the difference between switch and router. The job role was discussed i.e one should be thorough with the job role before coming for the interview.

Round 4 (HR): This was the last round and the HR asked about the previous rounds, and whether I would be comfortable with relocation and night shifts.

Cisco’s hiring team is very much experienced and understanding. They made us feel comfortable in the whole interview process.


  1. Be clear about the job role before coming to the interview.
  2. Have a good knowledge of the company for which you are applying.
  3. One should know each and everything of his/her resume.

Thank you for so informative articles. 

Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2020
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