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Cisco Interview Experience for FullStack Developer

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Total Time: 30 days

No. Of Rounds: 5

Round 1: Hackerrank Test, Duration: 1.5H

  1. Data Structure and Algorithm problem, based on your level of exp. but 5+ y.o.e can expect DP, Tree, Recursion, or simply leetcode medium problems.
  2. Angular or React Project.

Have to pass all test cases, pretty straight forward. Nothing exceptional to prepare, if you’re working in any of the techs, it should be fine.

Round 2: Frontend, Duration: 1H

  1. Simple coding problems like anagrams, string manipulation, arrays, etc.
  2. Tricky JS questions on closures, hoisting, etc.
  3. End to end question on how things work under the hood, including Auth, Session Mgmt, Data Persistence, etc.
  4. In-depth JavaScript working models: Events, Event Loop, Call Stacks, etc.
  5. Simple design problems.

Round 3: Backend, Duration: 1H

  1. Coding a DP problem.
  2. Database queries. I opted for NoSQL but anything is fine.
  3. System design of a small feature
  4. Docker, Jenkins, Clusters: basic questions

Round 4: Data Structure and Algorithm

  1. Coding 1 Easy Question: Strings
  2. Coding 1 Medium Question: DP – Coins
  3. Write test cases.
  4. Test Design Strategy.
  5. Understanding of OOPs and designing any feature using OOP
  6. Simple conversation

Round 5: Managerial and System Design

  1. Simple coding problem: Maths.
  2. Simple coding problem – Stocks Buy Sell.
  3. Project Description and decisions why taken, etc.Situation handling on complex tasks.
  4. Testing strategies.

Negotiation Offer: At par Industry

Last Updated : 25 Oct, 2020
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