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Cisco Interview experience | Set 21 (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2017
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I got a call from Cisco Systems, Bangalore for Software Engineer role.

Total rounds: Hackerrank Test+ 3(Tech) + 1 (Managerial)

Hackerrank test is pretty standard Linked List, arrays, trees.

Round 1:
Lot of questions from the resume, implement IPC on threads, Linked List questions, various IPCs, implement mutex locks.

Round 2:
Networking questions, hub vs switch, significance of gateway, how to route packet from one network to another, how would you build a packet when it goes from one network to another, bit manipulation

Round 3:
Resume projects, hell lot of questions

Round 4:
(Managerial) About the role, Why do you want to switch so early?, Mostly critical bug you have solved?, Why Cisco?

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