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Fundwave Interview Experience For Full Stack Developer Internship

Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2024
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Round 1 – Coding Test:

In the first round, I was given a coding test that lasted for 90 minutes. The question was related to logical thinking and focused on dates. It can be rated as a medium-level problem, roughly equivalent to a 1000-1100 rating on platforms like Codeforces. You might want to provide more details about the specific problem or the logic involved in solving it.

Round 2 – Technical Round:

The second round was a technical interview, mainly related to Full Stack Development. The interviewer covered various aspects, including:

  • Databases: I was asked about both SQL and NoSQL databases. Since you were strong in SQL, they began with SQL queries, joins, and aggregation pipelines in MongoDB. Additionally, I discussed the differences between NoSQL and MySQL.
  • JavaScript: I answered questions related to JavaScript, covering data types, storage, the event loop, and various types of functions in JavaScript.
  • Web Development: The interviewer delved into web development topics, such as frontend and backend. You mentioned that your strength was in frontend development, leading to questions about React, Next.js, routing, class components, and React component lifecycles.

This round lasted approximately 1 hour, but you could add more details about the specific questions or topics discussed.

Round 3 – HR + Technical:

The third round was a combination of HR and technical questions. The initial 25 minutes were focused on HR questions, where the interviewer inquired about your past experiences, the languages you are familiar with, and general background information. Afterwards, I revisited the code I was asked to write in the first round and was tasked with optimizing it. The interviewer also introduced corner cases and asked me to solve them.

This is all about the Fundwave Interview Experience.

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