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Blue Yonder Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2020

Online Assessment: There were 2 sections:

  1. Aptitude
  2. Technical

All questions are MCQ’S this round is from easy to moderate level.

Technical round 1: She started by asking ‘tell me about yourself’, asked some questions related to resume. Asked about how to push the code to GitHub and how GitHub works because I wrote it in my resume.


  1. What is abstraction?
  2. What is encapsulation?
  3. What is polymorphism?
  4. What is oops why we use it?


  1. What are the normalization and the advantages of using it?
  2. Joins in SQL

I didn’t remember the other question, but they are also pretty basic ones.

Data Structures:

  1. Asked how to define an array?
  2. How to insert an element in the array in a given position and asked to write the code since i write in python i observed that she is uncomfortable with python syntax, so I had to explain to her every line like what it does.
  3. Asked me to find the maximum value in the array
  4. Find maximum sum subarray for the given array likewise she asked some basic questions on array finally she asked ‘any questions for me’ i asked about the company.

She wished me “all the best”, she was friendly and encouraging

Technical round 2: He started by asking ‘tell me about yourself’ and asked about the project in detail

  • He asked “lowest common ancestor of given nodes in the tree,” I told him the approach and asked whether to write the code or not he said the approach is enough

The interviewer was not at all cooperating it seemed like he doesn’t want to take the interview I didn’t like his voice. I personally believe that a major part of your performance in the interview depends on the interviewer if he doesn’t talk well we will lose confidence. 

He asked me like 4-5 SQL queries I don’t remember all of them

  1. 3rd highest salary of the employee
  2. Given two tables A and B he wants me to find those records in table A which are not in table B and similarly records which are in table B but not in table A.

In 4 SQL queries I answered three of them correctly didn’t answer one but it didn’t matter he rejected me in this round.

Some of my friends cleared this round and had their HR round, I remember 6 of my friends had their HR round, but they only selected 1 out of 6 who are in HR round   

Like who does something like this selecting only 1 from 6 students who reached the HR round?

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