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American Express Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2022
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American Express visited our college for a 6-month internship + PPO.

  • Round 1: Resume Shortlisting
  • Round 2: Technical Interview 1
  • Round 3: Technical Interview 2
  • Round 4: Technical Interview 3

Round 1: Resume Shortlisting: The first round was the resume shortlisting round. Around 20 people were shortlisted. Having a good resume with a decent CGPA and some good projects is enough to get shortlisted in this round.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1: The interview started with a basic introduction. The interviewer first introduced himself and then asked for my introduction. After that, he asked me to explain one of the projects. Not too much detailed explanation, only about what you have done in the project. Then he asked me for three puzzles. I am attaching the links to the puzzles.

After these 3 puzzles, he asked me some basic SQL questions. He asked about JOINS in SQL and asked to write some basic queries.

Round 3: Technical Interview 2: The interview started with a basic introduction. Then the interviewer asked me to explain my project. He asked some questions about my project as well. Some of the questions asked in this round were:

  • What difficulties did you face while making the project?
  • Why did you choose to make this project?
  • What do you think is the revenue model of American Express?
  • Do you know about excel? Have you ever worked on it?
  • Some basic SQL questions
  • Asked to write an SQL query to delete a column from a given table

After this round, I was rejected as I was not able to tell the revenue model of American Express. One more technical round was conducted after this. They finally selected one candidate from our college.

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