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American Express Interview Experience | 2019 Off-Campus SDE Freshers

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Round1: Coding Round

Round2: Coding Round

Q1:- Given an array nums and two sliding windows of size K & L which don’t have any element in common between them, you need to return the maximum sum of elements we can get between both windows.

This is basically an extension of SLIDING WINDOW Problem on Geeks for Geeks.

Q2:- Given a string with elements having lowercase letters and question marks. Replace each question mark with lowercase letter such that the element is not equal to the element before it and the element after it.

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Input String:- abcab??bac?

Output:- abcabacbaca

(There can be a lot of different outputs, anyone of them was accepted)

Input String:- ????????

Output:- abcdefgh

Q3:- We are given the maximum occurrences of ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ in a string. We need to make the largest length string containing only ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ such that no three consecutive characters are same.


Input:- 3 3 3

Output:- abcabcabc

(There can be a lot of different outputs, anyone of them was accepted)

Input:- 5 5 3

Output:- aabbcaabbcabc

Round3:  Skype Interview (½ hr)

Q1:- Introduce yourself

Q2:- Explain your project.

Q3:- Language and database used in your project ?

Q4:- Do you know about NoSQL?

Q5:- What is function overloading?

Q6:- If returning different types of variables comes under function overloading?

Q7:- What is inheritance?

Q8:- What class is the super class of all the exceptions?

Q9:- Difference between constructor and methods?

Q10:- What will you rate yourself in data structures and algorithms?(?)

Q11:- You have 10 numbers, you have to access the even positions, what data structure will you use?

Q12:- What is new in C++?

Q13:- What does new B() return?

Q14:- What are the languages you are familiar with ?

Q15:- What are threads in java?

Q16:- Difference between error and exception?

Q17:- If we have a base class and derived class , if it’s necessary for derived class to have all the functions of base class?

Q18:- What does this and super keyword do?

Q19:- Do you have any questions?

Round 4: Skype Interview (23 min)

Q1:- Introduce yourself

Q2:- Aptitude question

Q3:- What is big data?

Q4:- If you do not have an interest in IT?

Q5:- Swap two number without using extra space

Q6:- Aptitude questions

Q7:- Do you have any questions?

Verdict: Rejected

Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2021
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