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American Express Interview Experience | 2019 Off-Campus GHCI SDE
  • Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2020

Round 1: GHCI Shortlist interview

Round2: Coding 

Round3: Telephonic (38 mins)

Q1 Introduce yourself?

Q2 Explain your project.

Q3 What are objects in java?

Q4 What is encapsulation?

Q5 What is abstraction?

Q6 Difference between array and arraylist in java?

Q7 What are the data structure you are familiar with?

Q8 Tell me about linkedlist its structure.

Q9 How will you search an element in the linkedlist if you have to search after the third node?

Q10 How will you insert a new node after the third place? Explain the code. (use good variable name)

Q11 Different types of sorting and there advantages and disadvantages?

Q12 Merge sort and bubble sort explain them there advantages disadvantages?

Q13 Explain your project

Q14 How did you read the excel sheet in your project?

Q15 What did you do with the data you read from the excel, how did you stored them.

Q16 Steps to connect mysql with java.

Q17 Mysql query to show second row of table?

Q18 Mysql query to create table and to add constraints.

Onsite GHCI Interviews
Not attended them due to some personal reasons.
Verdict: Rejected

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