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American Express Interview Experience | EDA/CFR Capabilities FTE ( On-Campus )

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Online Round: There were two coding questions. These questions were different for everybody. Many students were able to do both so they both were generally easy to medium level questions. You had 30 minutes to attempt these. Once you move to the next aptitude section you cannot return back to the coding section though.

Next were 60 aptitude question which had to be done in 45 minutes. Questions were from various topics like general aptitude questions, C++, JAVA & C  code snippets. DBMS, OS MCQs. Few questions related to SQL queries were also there. I would recommend to not get stuck at any question move onto next question because the time period is very short and you would want to at least go through all the 60 questions. Try to nitpick the questions which can be done the quickest.

Next, around 25 students were selected for the interviews.

1st Interview Round- There were two panelists who were asking questions. This round lasted for more than an hour.

  1. Firstly I was asked to introduce myself. Tip- ALWAYS prepare your intro very well. This decides the direction of your interview.
  2. I was asked about the different OOPs concepts and was asked to explain how I used those in my projects.
  3. Puzzle- How to make 8 equal pieces of a cake using three cuts.
  4. Puzzle- I have a 5L jug and a 3L jug. How to measure 4L of water.
  5. I was asked about the scope resolution operator and was told to answer a code snippet using scope resolution operator.
  6. Given a SQL query which used GROUP BY and using nested Queries.
  7. I had mentioned some machine learning project in my resume and was asked in-depth about those. For example, the dataset used, what model was used and why.
  8. Lastly, I was asked if I had any question for them. I asked something related to EDA and their work. TIP- Always do your research about the company or the team. Asking a good question really puts up a great impression and it definitely increases your chances of getting selected.

2nd Interview Round –  This round lasted for around 40 minutes.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Guesstimate question – How many marriages happen in Delhi in a year.
  3. Guesstimate question – How many people in Delhi drive their car themselves. TIP- The key to guesstimate isn’t to give a correct answer, because even the interviewer is sometimes not sure of the correct answer, but rather its an opportunity to showcase your creative thinking ability. This round demonstrates how do you handle abstract situations and in how many ways can you try to provide the best possible solution. In these questions try to have like a discussion with the interviewer.
  4. Why do you want to join Amex?
  5. What will you do if you are not given the role of your choice?
  6. Any question for the interviewer?

3rd Interview Round –

This round was taken by the head of the group and it was more like a discussion based on my resume and my life.

  1. They asked me a few things about me and my life.
  2. Then they asked about my internship.
  3. Also, some further questions about my project were asked.
  4. Then they gave me a really tough SQL question which was really challenging. I was able to devise the solution but coding it was a little difficult. But I somehow was able to write the code.

Finally, 3 students including me were given the offer.

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2020
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