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Amazon Interview Experience for 6-Months SDE Internship (Nov 2020)

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Online Assessment: The online round consisted of a total of 3 sections and behavioral sections. The Online round was conducted on the AMCAT platform.

Section 1 (Code Debugging | 20 mins): There was 7 code debugging questions in which we have to debug the code or logic to pass all the test cases. Overall the difficulty of debugging questions was easy.

Section 2 (Coding Round | 70 mins): It had 2 questions first one was Easy second one was Medium.

  1. Count pairs with the given sum
  2. Clone a Linked List with next and random pointer

Section 3 (Logical Reasoning | 35 mins): This section consists of some verbal reasoning questions and some aptitude questions. The question level was easy.

Section 4 (Workstyles Assessment | 20 mins): This section was made to test the student’s behavioral and workstyle compatibility.

Overall the Assessment was easy. Read the past interview experiences before taking up an Amazon assessment.

Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2020
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