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Amazon Interview Experience for FTE/6 months SDE-1 Internship – AmazeWow

Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2022
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I applied for Amazon SDE-1 Internship through the AmazeWow program only for Women.

Online Test Round: It was a quite easy round. It consists of around 28 MCQs on the basic concepts of Data structure and algorithms, C/C++ outputs, Time, and Space complexity.

  1. How many push and pop operations for below operations will be required if we implement a queue using stack?
push (5), push (7), push (2), pop (), push (3),
pop (), pop (), push (6), pop (), pop ()

In this question, 4 options were given stating no of push and pop operations. The trick was when we implement a queue using stack, we will require 2 stacks and then count no. of push and pop operations.

 Second Round: This round consisted of 2 coding questions which were quite easy.

  1. Given a string of type a+b=c where any one of them is unknown, we have to find its value.


 Input: x+5=7 Output: x=2

            The only challenge was to consider each case and convert string to an integer.

       2.  Given a large number in the form of the string, output its remainder modulo 11.


Input: 121  Output:0

Technical Interview Round 1: The interview started with the interviewer’s introduction followed by mine. Then he asked me about anyone project mentioned in my resume. Then he jumped to coding questions. The interview lasted for an hour.

  1. Given n students starting from 1 in circular orientation starting from k and m gifts. Distribute these gifts among n students one by one. The last gift is broken. The return which student got the broken gift. It was a simple problem I started with traversing twice using 2 loops then he asked me to remove the last loop after that he asked me to remove the first loop as well, I took some time then did it – Just a modulus% operation was needed to make it work in O(1) 
  2. Next Smaller Element

With this, the interview ended. Within 1 week, I got the mail that I have been shortlisted for the next round of interviews.

Technical Interview Round 2: The interview started with the interviewer’s introduction followed by mine. Then he jumped to coding questions. It lasted for 1.5 hours. 

  1. The Largest value in each level of Binary Tree
  2. Farthest Smaller element in an array

I started with brute force then the interviewer asked me to think of more efficient solution, so I was not sure which data structure to use. So I started with a stack like next smaller but it turned out to be wrong. Then I tried queue but the interviewer said it will have the same complexity as the brute force. Then he helped me with a hint to think about binary search after which I was a little confused, but he asked me what is going on in my mind and helped me again with a hint. Then I was able to code it further – time complexity O(n).

With this, the interview ended. I was nervous because I could not do the second question all by myself but luckily I GOT SELECTED.


  • Be loud while thinking so that interviewer could come to know your thought process, take it as a discussion and not a test.
  • Don’t hesitate in asking for help if you got stuck somewhere.
  • Ask every detail about the question like constraints.
  • Be confident
  • Practice questions from GeeksforGeeks and leetcode.
  • Discuss space and time complexities with the interviewer.
  • If you know the answer then pretend that it is a new question and take some time.
  • Always start with brute force first.

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