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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1 FTE/6 Months Internship – AmazeWow

Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2022
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Online Coding Test: The test consisted of 28 MCQs primarily focused on C/C++ outputs, data structures, OOPS Concepts.2 coding questions were also asked.

  1. Find mean, median, mode.
  2. An array consisted of a number of chocolates each child had, we need to find a number of steps in which all children can have the same chocolates such that one can pass its chocolates to next one.

Coding Questions were comparatively easy. The most difficult part was the output based question. I was lucky enough to clear the online round.

Then I had 4 rounds of interviews that were conducted through Amazon Chime. Each interview was about 1hour except the 3rd one, it lasted for about 1hr 30 minutes. 

Round 1 (Coding 1): It started with the introduction of the interviewer and then mine. He then directly jumped to coding questions

Questions asked were:

  1. Rearrange characters in a string such that no two adjacent are same
  2. Given 2 strings of numbers, I was asked to add them.

With this, my first round ended.

Round 2 (Coding 2): After introducing himself, he directly jumped to the coding question

  1. Path in a Rectangle with Circles I was required to print the path.

The interviewer then asked me to make the code easier to understand by using structures. With this, the interview ended.

Round 3 (Tech): This round started after the introduction. The interviewer jumped to coding questions.

  1. Box Stacking Problem (But there was an assumption that we have the only box of each dimension.)
  2. A person is standing at floor ‘A’ and wants to go floor ‘B’ using a lift. A lift can either go x floors up and y floors down. I was supposed to tell the minimum number of steps.

After thinking, I reached a solution using BFS and the interviewer was satisfied.

The interviewer then asked some basic computer fundamental questions:

  • Features of oops
  • Where we should not use the concept of oops
  • Deadlock and its conditions and its avoidance
  • OSI layer which among these layers is most important according to me
  • Difference b between SQL and no-SQL

With this my 3rd round ended.

Round 4 (Technical+HR): The interview begins with the introduction of the interviewer and the mine. The interviewer asked me about my projects.

Then asked some HR questions like:

  • The technical problem you faced during any of your projects
  • Anything you learned on your own

Then the interviewer asked questions related to CS fundamental

  • What happens when we type basically he was asking about DNS
  • Deadlock and its conditions
  • OOPs and its features  I explained using real-life examples
  • No-sql
  • ACID properties

Then he asked me one coding question 

  1. Reverse words in a given string

But here the string was in form of linked list like: 

g->e->e->k->s->'  '->f->o->r->'  '->g->e->e->k->s

I used the same i.e. reversed the entire linked list and the reversed words using the approach same as Reverse a Linked List in groups of given size with this my 4th round ended. After 2 days, I got the result and I am offered FTE + 6 months internship.


  • Be loud while thinking so that interviewer could come to know your thought process.
  • Don’t give up coding questions, keep on discussing it with the interviewer and you will reach to the approach.
  • Be confident
  • Practice questions from GeeksforGeeks and leetcode.
  • Should be able to calculate space and time complexities.

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