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Accolite Digital Interview Experience for SE FTE + Intern | On-Campus

Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2021
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I’ll be sharing my experience with the recruitment process I went through for Accolite Digital in the month of September 2021.

Interview Process: In total there were 5 rounds, each one was an elimination type of round consisting –

  1. MCQ Round
  2. Coding Round
  3. Tech Interview Round 1
  4. Tech Interview Round 2
  5. HR Round

Round 1: MCQ Round

  • This round consisted of 30 multiple choice questions to be solved within 30 minutes.
  • This test was conducted on Accolite’s own platform Eduthrill.
  • Questions were based on Java, DBMS, Networks, OS, DSA, code output.

Out of 190 Students, only 72 students were shortlisted. My score was 83% so I got selected for the next round.

Round 2: Coding Round

This round started exactly after one hour after the completion of round 1. This round consists of 1 coding question to be solved within 1 hour on Accolite’s Codelyzer platform. The question was a bit hard.

The question was :

  • Mustafa wants to cross a dungeon. The dungeon has N cells, and in every cell, there are M monsters. To cross each cell he has to kill one monster, on killing the monster, he loses the strength equal to that of the monster and gains some confidence which adds up to his strength and he proceeds to the next cell. Mustafa can only kill a monster if his strength is greater than or equal to the strength of the monster. Help him find the minimum strength he must have in the beginning so that he can cross N cells.

Now out of 72 students, 21 students were shortlisted for the next round that was Technical Round I.

Round 3: Technical Round 1

Time: Approx 1.5 hours

This Round was conducted on the Google Meet Platform. It started with my introduction. After that he asked me to tell him about the tools and techniques that I’d used in my project, also the interviewer asked me to show the code of the project by sharing my screen. As my project was based on CNN and the interviewer also had the same background, he started asking questions. The questions were like why I had used 32 filters in my first Convolution layer and 64 filters on the other Convolution layer, can I use the sigmoid function in place of the softmax function, why I used the dropout layer.

He then directly jumped to coding questions. The questions were :

  1. Pairwise swap elements of a one-dimensional array. ( He asked me to present my screen with Notepad++ and told me to write the code ).
    ( )
  2. He then asked me to write the code for Pairwise swap elements of a linked list.
    ( )
  3. He then made me write the code for finding the middle element in a linked list.
    ( )
  4. Finding the Intersection Point of two linked lists was the other question.
    ( )
  5. Sum of all nodes in a binary tree. (Approach only)
    ( )
  6. Left View of a Binary Tree. (Approach only)
    ( )
  7. Spiral Traversal of a Binary Tree (Left to Right as well as Right to Left zig-zag). (Approach only)
    ( )
  8. Find a pair in an array having a minimum difference. (Approach only)
    ( )
  9. Find the sum of a contiguous subarray within a one-dimensional array of numbers that has the largest sum. (Approach only)
    ( )
  10. Maximum Product Contiguous subarray. (Approach only)
    ( )

Now out of 21 students, 12 students were shortlisted for the next round that was Technical Round II.

Round 4: Technical Round 2

Time: Approx 1 hour

  • The interview started with my brief introduction, and then he started asking me about my projects and what technologies I used. Later he asked me to introduce my co-curricular activities. No cross-questions were asked related to the project.
  • Then he switches to technical questions. It all started with easy questions. He asked me to write code for finding the sum of first n natural numbers (with loop and without loop) and then to solve the same with a recursive approach.
  • He asked me about the B Trees and B+ Trees and to differentiate between them.
  • Why do we usually prefer to use integer values instead of other data types values for a column which is declared as a Primary Key in SQL?
  • What is the logic behind Binary Search and what is a Binary Search Tree?
  • Tell me something about Heap and its types. What is Heapify?
  • Asked me to put some lights on the Pillars of Object-Oriented Programming, and to differentiate between static and dynamic polymorphism.
  • He asked me a few questions regarding the Operating System including the difference between Mutex and Semaphore with the help of their examples, the difference between pipes and sockets, spinlock, named pipes.
  • Lastly, one puzzle was asked which was like If I had 3 empty buckets, and 7 blue, 6 red, and 5 green balls then I need to put all those balls into the buckets in such a manner that every time the probability of picking a red or green ball should be maximum.

Out of 12, only 7 students were shortlisted for the HR Round.

Round 5: HR Round

Time: Approx 25 minutes

  • The Interviewer first introduced her then asked me to introduce myself.
  • She asked about my experience in the other two technical interviews.
  • In order to check my thought process, she asked some questions. She asked me to differentiate between hard work and soft work with an example and which I prefer or like the most among them.
  • She asked me about the problems faced by me working in a team during my project and how I would solve those problems if I were the team leader.
  • She asked me how would I manage my life, if I belong to the North region and get posted in the South, and all my colleagues, seniors, and room-mate are also from the South?
  • If I am a Team Leader and had been given a deadline to complete my work/task within 2 days (which was initially 5 days), then how would I manage it?
  • Lastly, she explained to me about the company, the Internship, and my CTC breakup.

All the rounds were conducted on the same day with a 15 – 20 minutes gap in between.

After two days they declared the result and selected 3 students for FTE and 2 students for Intern + FTE and I was one of them selected for both Intern as well as FTE.


  • Be confident even if you don’t know the solution, don’t give up, and try to discuss your approach with them.
  • Interaction is important throughout the interview.
  • Keep working on Data Structures and Algorithms.

Thank you.

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