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Accolite Digital Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience for FTE+Internship | On-Campus 2020

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2021
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I’ll be sharing my experience about the recruitment process I went through for Accolite Digital in the month of September 2020. In the end, I was offered FTE+internship for the SDE role.

In total there were 4 rounds. The First 2 were online tests and the last 2 rounds were interviewed on Skype.

Round 1: Online test consisting of 30 MCQs to be solved within 30 mins on the Edudrill platform. Questions were based on the basics of DS, sorting and searching, DBMS, IOS, CN, and C language. Students of CS, EC, IS and EEE were allowed to appear for the test. Out of all the students appearing top 200 were selected for the next round.

Round 2: This was a coding question on the Codelyser Platform. 1 question to be coded in 60 mins. The question asked was the containing a virus question from leetcode. From these round top, 25 students were selected to the next round

Round 3: This was an interview round on Skype. The interview went off for more than a hr and a half. The interviewer asked 4 coding questions and 3 puzzles.  I was asked first orally give the solution first and then share my screen and code for the same. The interviewer started off by asking about the personal introduction and the languages I’m comfortable in, I chose C++. Then moving on to the coding questions, he started off with a basic linked list question of finding a loop in a link list. Then went on to find the largest sum contiguous subarray and modified versions of it. He also asked me to do a dry run of the code I had written for various inputs he gave. The next question was based on the right view of a binary tree using a queue. The last question was based on graphs which was a basic DP problem.

Then in the last half a hr he asked 3 puzzles – finding the fastest of 3 horses and so on.

The last 10 mins were a resume-based question and were asked to explain one of my projects and a couple of basic questions on DBMS and IOS.

Those whose performance was not satisfactory had another technical round, but I was directly sent to the managerial round.

Round 4: This was a managerial round and went on for 1.5 hrs. The interviewer was checking mainly on the approach to the problem and how I could come up with different solutions. I was asked to justify my choice of data structure and methodology and also come up with more efficient methods. 2 questions were asked — both DP questions. 20 mins per question and had to propose all possible solutions from naive based approach to efficient algorithms with corresponding time complexity and justification. He did not give any hint and only listened to my answer. At the end of 20 mins, he told me if my solution was right or not.  This was mainly to judge my thinking ability and approach to problem-solving.

After the 2 DP questions, he went on to applicatory-based theory questions like where does encryption happen in texting apps like WhatsApp which has end-to-end encryption. Which layer of CN does encryption happen? Which is the most memory-efficient data structure (Ans: Doubly linked list) and how can you make it more efficient (Ans: Using XOR of addressing). More such questions and questions on OOPS were asked. Then last 15 mins where resume based questions regarding projects and my interests.  

This was the toughest round and tested all my fundamental knowledge in CS. One of the best interviews I had.

In the end, 3 students were offered FTE+internship out of the 25 selected for interviews.

Suggestions: Be well-prepared with basics and be confident. They test you based on your technical knowledge and approach to problem-solving.  

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