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Accolite Digital Interview Experience for Intern+FTE (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2022
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Difficulty: Medium

Accolite visited our campus to hire for an intern+full time engineer role in August 2022. It was a virtual placement drive.

Around 300 students were shortlisted for the test by them. They allowed students from CS, IT and EnTC for the drive.

Round 1: This was an online test conducted on the EduThrill platform. It consisted 0f 30 easy levels MCQs from DSA, Computer Architecture, DBMS, aptitude, and 1 coding question.

Coding question:

It was a medium-level question.

The question consisted of 10 test cases and I cleared all of them.

Round 2: 14 students were shortlisted for this round which was the first technical round. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and speak about one of the projects I had worked on.

Then she started asking questions on core subjects.



  • What are classes and objects?
  • How is OOPS better than procedure-oriented programming?
  • What are friend functions and classes?
  • What are pure virtual functions in c++.


  • What is an abstract keyword?
  • What is a final keyword?
  • Difference between compile-time and run-time polymorphism.
  • Implement constructor overloading. Was supposed to write code with an example.
  • How many catch blocks can we include while exception handling?
  • When does the final block run?
  • Why is the main method static in JAVA?
  • In inheritance, if you create a child class object then which constructor will be called, the parent’s or child’s constructor?


  • The difference between lists and tuples.
  • What are different scopes in python?


  • What is DDL?
  • What is normalization?
  • Difference between primary key and unique key.
  • Name a few NoSQL databases.


I had to write proper code for the above problems.

I was not allowed to write code on any online compiler, was supposed to write all the code on notepad.

The interview ended with a few riddles…

  • How many traffic signals are there in India?
  • When does a potato change its nationality?
  • A lady was born in 1975 and today she is 30 years old. How is this statement valid?
  • How many liters to paint the Taj Mahal?

This round went on for 1.5 hours.

Round 3: This was the second technical round.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Tell me about a project you have worked on.

 Core subjects:

  • Explain copy constructor.
  • Shallow copy and deep copy.
  • What is encapsulation?
  • Explain security and Integrity in DBMS.
  • Difference between DROP, TRUNCATE, and DELETE.
  • Which operation is faster in computation:  i++ OR i=i+1.
  • Mergesort vs Quicksort: which performs better in worst-case.

The interviewer gave me a coding problem to solve and implement.

I was given the above question but instead of triplet, I was supposed to do it with 5 numbers.

This round went on for 45 minutes.

Round 4: This was the last technical round.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Explain a project.

The interviewer wanted to know about my understanding of Databases and SQL.

  • Imagine you are designing a library management system. Design a schema for the system.

We started discussing which tables should be created and the attributes they must consist of. I designed 4 tables then the interviewer asked me to remove redundant attributes and cross-questioned me regarding the primary and foreign keys of all tables.

Finally asked me to write a query to retrieve the books allocated to a student named=”ABC”.

Struggled for 7-8 minutes because 2 tables were involved to complete the query but wrote the query using joins and nested query.

It was more of a discussion with a lot of input from the interviewer which went on for half an hour.

Round 5: This was the final HR round with typical HR questions

  • Tell me about yourself
  • A project you have worked on
  • Why do you want to join accolite.
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Have you ever worked in a pressure situation?
  • How did you utilize your time in lockdown?

Finally, she explained to me about company policies, culture, and salary components.

Accolite hired 3 students out of the 14 and I was one of them.


  • Study binary trees, linked list, searching-sorting, OOPS, DBMS and SQL thoroughly for Accolite, their interview revolves around these topics.
  • Study your projects enough to be able to have at least 10 minutes of discussion with the interviewer.
  • Every round is an elimination round so try to give your best in each round.

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