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Accolite Interview Experience Intern+FTE | On-Campus

Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2021
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Recently Accolite Digital visited our campus. First, we had a pre-placement talk where they discussed about the company. 

Later interested candidates are asked to apply with their latest resume, based on the resume few were shortlisted for the online test, which is the first round of the process.

Hiring process:

  • Online MCQ Test
  • Online Coding Test
  • Technical Round 1
  • Technical Round 2
  • HR Round

Online MCQ Test:  We were given 30 MCQ and we need to complete them within 30 min. The platform for the exam is EduThrill. Mostly the test consists of Technical questions and a few general aptitudes. These were easy-level questions and one can pass this round if they are strong on their course curriculum. 

Online Coding Round: We were given 1 coding question to solve. The platform is EduThrill and it’s a bit similar to CodeBlocks. We need to solve that question successfully to pass this round. Question difficulty is easy. 


  • We were asked to select a preferred language at the time of registration, the same language will be allowed to code for this round, other languages will not be accepted.
  • No existing method signatures/packages should be changed and the main method should not be added, however, you are allowed to create new methods called from the given method, if required.

After 5 -6 days of Online test we were given shortlist details for the interview. 

Technical Interview-1: About 1000 students applied for the process and 85 were selected for this round. Interview duration is 1 hour, for me the interviewer tested my problem solving skills first. 

First they were asked me to introduce myself, and asked to explain my projects, and had a few  basic questions on that. Later she(Interviewer) started with basic coding questions, and asked me to share the screen to solve the problem.  First she asked me to code for longest increasing sub-sequence(Ex:- [1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11]—>Output: (4)(1,2,3,4)) and tested with all corner test cases. She asked me to solve an matrix problem and later asked logic for linked list operations and hash table. later she was asked me to sort the given array which has only 3(0,1,2) distinct elements(Ex: [1,1,0,2,2,0,1,2,0,0,1,2,1]-Sorted array:-[0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2]). I used to count and solved it with O(n) complexity and she was satisfied with that. These problem solving questions took nearly 35-40 min to solve.  We need to solve only with optimal time complexity to qualify fir next round. After problem solving I was asked few basic questions on OOPS, OS, DBMS. 

This was an easy interview and it took about 50-60 min, and she was satisfied with my solutions. 


  • The optimal solution is important to crack this round.
  • You must be strong enough in basics to answer OOPS concepts.

The next day morning I got a mail from Accolite that I was selected for the next round.

Technical Interview-2: Only few students were selected for technical round-2 about 35% were selected. Time duration is 1 hour. But it lasted me for about 1hr35min. 

I was asked to introduce myself. Make sure you include the Technical stack in your resume and be prepared with that. You can expect any questions from the resume. Interviewer asked many questions regarding my projects. Make sure you were prepared with them. 

He asked me questions related to JS, Java, OOPS, DBMS, Problem Solving, DSA, Data Science(According to my resume) etc.

I was asked to write the syntax of few questions in JS. And few questions on Data Science. Be prepared with a real-life example/use related to your project. Later he randomly tested me on basics:


int i=5;
int j=i++;


int main(){
int a=1,b=2;
void change(a,b);
void change(int a, int b){

he asked me the output(1,2), and also asked me to correct the code, such that output will be 10& 20. We need to use pointers for this.

Later he asked me few questions on constructors, default constructor, private, static, objects etc. He tested my OOPS knowledge with indirect questions related to abstraction, encapsulation, overloading, overriding etc. So be prepared with all the OOPS  concepts.  

He asked me few questions related to DSA which includes Trees, Graphs, Linked Lists, Stacks and Queues. He asked me to explain how to implement stack using queue. Few logic about graphs(Be prepared with articulation points, bridges etc). Most questions is on Trees and Linked lists. He asked the difference between linked list and arrays and which is preferred at particular situations. Like when to use array and when to use linked lists.

Later he asked me few questions related to DBMS. Few of them are on Joins, normalization, finding 2nd and 3rd max salary, left outer join, group by etc. 

It almost took 1hr 15min to complete all these questions. 

Later I was given a problem with code:

To print duplicate elements in an array. The basic test cases will be passed easily, so keep a eye on corner cases.


Basic test case: [0,1,1,2,2,3,4,8,7]----->Output: [1,2]


Corner test case: [0,1,1,2,2,3,1,4,2,8,7,7]----->Output: [1,2,1,2,7]   [1,2,7]

So be prepared. After completing all the questions he asked me if I have some questions and it was done within 1 hr 35 min. Later I got a call from HR after 10 min that I’m selected for HR round and need to attend it within 10 min.

HR Round: It was a cool round. He introduced about himself and asked me to do the same. He was impressed by my profile. He asked about my projects and problems faced by me to complete that project. Few hypothetical questions related to projects. And he asked me how I used last year to improve myself. He also asked why Accolite and why he should hire me.

After these he explained about the company and explained my CTC breakup and asked me if I have any questions. It lasted for about 35-40min.

The next day we got a mail that I got selected for Accolite:)

Suggestions:  Be prepared with DSA, and be strong in problem-solving and logical questions. I suggest to use Geeks for Geeks for DSA. Solving all the problems in geeks for geeks guarantee you a good interview experience. Prepare the concepts in the resume and be confident about that. Never say “I don’t know” to any question(try to solve). All the best!!

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