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Accenture Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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I recently appeared for the Accenture recruitment process. They were offering 2 profile roles:

  1. Associate Software Engineer.
  2. Software Engineer/Full Stack Engineer.

This was a Pool Campus Recruitment process.

Additional Requirements along with academic eligibility:

  • PAN Card – all students must submit a PAN card that has their photo as the only identity proof mandatorily during the registration process.
  • No minor PAN cards will be entertained. If provided, candidate will be rejected from the process

Due to the lockdown and the slow movement of the PAN Card application process, Accenture even allowed those students who didn’t have a PAN Card. Either of driver’s license, Aadhaar card, minor PAN card, or a voter ID was required for such students.

1st round: Cognitive and Technical Assessment Round: This round was an elimination round. In this round, there were some sections

  • Cognitive: Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and Verbal ability  
  • Technical: MS Office and Common applications, Pseudocode outputs, and Fundamentals of Cloud and Network security.

This round contained 90 questions that have to be solved in 90 minutes. 

To qualify for the next round, marks above the overall cutoff should be obtained. A sectional cutoff was also there which was required to be cleared.

After clearing this round, there was a coding round, which was a non-elimination round and it was a compulsory round.

2nd round: Coding Assessment: This round was compulsory and no student could back off from here. This round was a non-elimination round. And 2 coding questions were given which have to be solved in 45 minutes.  

  1. Function accepts an array of size m and integer n. Implement the function to create a n*n matrix (n*n=m) and fill the matrix in spiral order starting from matrix[0][0] in a clockwise direction. Visit to check the solution.
  2. The function accepts 2 positive integers ‘a’ and ‘n’ as input. ‘a’ is the first element of the collatz sequence. Implement the function to find the nth term of the sequence and return it. First-term P1=a, and each successive term Pk+1 was calculated as:
    If Pk is even , Pk+1 = Pk / 2
    If Pk is odd, Pk+1=( 3 * Pk )+1

After this round, everyone was called for a communication test.

3rd round: Communication Assessment: Again this round was a non-elimination round. And this test consists of some sections and was of around 17 minutes. Tests included sections like reading, listening and repeating it, arranging jumbled words in a proper sequence, etc.

Just be sure that you don’t talk too fast.

4th round: Virtual Interview: This round was an elimination round, had 2-panel members. One was an HR and the other was a guy from a technical background who was asking tech-related questions. 

HR guy asked me to introduce myself and how I feel about working in a team, the pros and cons of working in a team and I had done any courses or projects related to tech background.

The tech guy was asking project-related questions stated on the resume; so make sure you’ve covered everything on the resume properly.

After a few days, I got a mail from Accenture that I was selected for the Software Engineer role. 
Thanks to GFG for providing archives and helping me!

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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