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Accenture Interview Experience(On campus)

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Accenture visited our campus for Application Development Analyst role on september 3rd, 2019.Eligible criteria is >=7.5 CGPA and >=85% in 12th.This consisted consisted of 3 rounds.Round 2 and 3 were conducted on CoCubes platform.

Round 1:Pymetric Assessment

After registering, everyone received link to complete the pymetric assessment through online and we can take this test from anywhere. This consists of some games and behavioural games and it will tell whether we are suitable for the role.This consists of 12 games and there is no need of any preparation. Some of the games were, red and blue colors will be coming on the screen and we need to tap the screen when we see blue color.

Those who qualified in this round qualified for the next round(very few rejections).

Round 2:Cognitive and technical assessment

We had PPT regarding the company and this was just awesome.

This consisted of 2 sections. One is Analytical ability (12 questions) and technical(18 questions) which needs to be completed in 30 minutes.

Analytical ability consisted of series, coding and decoding, flowchart, visual reasoning, critical reasoning statements and conclusion.

Technical consisted of code correction, database and sql, unix and data structure and pseudocode.

Analytical is easy but technical section is somewhat difficult due to limited time.

Round 3:Coding round

Everyone has to take round 2 and 3 and after that they will shortlist.

This round starts as soon as the round 2 finishes.This consisted of 2 questions which needs to be completed in 45 minutes.

first question is easy based on some basic concepts.

Second one is to find the last non-zero digit of factorial.

After this round, out of 200 students, they shortlisted 13 students for the interview process.Those who cleared 2 coding questions were shortlisted.Out of 13, only 2 were shortlisted who did only 1 coding question.

This consisted of only 2 round.Technical and HR

Technical round : For some people, interview finished within 10 minutes and for some people it went to 30 minutes.I belong to 2nd batch.

My interview lasted for 40 minutes. This started with some basic questions like tell me about yourself and ended with technical. Interviewer mainly focused on projects as I focused more on projects while describing about myself.You must have complete idea about why this project, what technologies used, how this works exactly and you must be able to explain every bit about your project.

Then some questions on Strings, difference between creating string with new operator and by using “”(double quotes).Difference between interface and abstract classes with business example and not book definition.Difference between java and c++.what is RDMS.Why accenture.

Everyone qualified for the HR round.

HR round: Some basic questions like tell me about yourself, family background.

Try to tell everything which you think  will be helpful and some random stuff also.

How will you handle the situation when you have to work with a person with a different mindset than yours?

Do you have any questions?

Don’t miss this wonderful chance to ask questions

I spoke more and this ended after 30 minutes.

Results announced and 12 got selected  and I am one of them.

Thanks to geeksforgeeks.


Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2019
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