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Accenture Interview Experience | Off-Campus Drive 2021

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Accenture started its off-campus drive-in December-2020 (Hiring for 2021 graduates) | Virtual Recruitment. 

Two roles were offered

  1. Application Development Associate (ADE) 
  2. Application Development Analyst (ADA) 

I was able to apply only for the ADE role. There were three rounds totally (same for ADE and ADA).

  1. Cognitive & Technical Assessment and Coding round
  2. Communication Assessment
  3. Technical Interview and Personal HR interview

Round 1(Cognitive & Technical Assessment and Coding Round):

Cognitive and Technical Assessment:

  • Cognitive Assessment – Numerical Ability, English Ability, Analytical Reasoning – 50 Questions
  • Technical Assessment – Common Applications and MS office, Pseudocode, Fundamentals of Networking Security and Cloud. – 40 Questions
  • So total questions: 90 
  • Total time: 90 mins

This was an elimination round, those who qualify only moved to the coding round.

Coding Round: Time: 45 mins

Different coding languages were allowed like C, C++, Java, .NET, Python. There were 2 questions:

  1. A simple question based on array topic (you would be able to solve it within 5-7 mins).
  2. Question-based on if-else and some conditions like- if the grade of a student is more than 80 then print ‘A’, if between 60 and 80 then print ‘B’ and so on.

Questions were pretty easy those who know a very little bit of programming will able to clear this round very easily. Some students also got programming questions on linked-list.

This was also an elimination round, those who qualify moved to communication assessment.

Round 2(Communication Assessment): This is a Pearson Versant Test. This is a Non-Elimination round. Time frame: 20 minutes Communication Assessment – Sentence Mastery, Vocabulary, Fluency, Pronunciation

Versant Test Consists of 6 Sections:

  1. Reading – 8 questions
  2. Repeating Sentence – 16 questions
  3. Question & Answer – 24 questions
  4. Jumbled Sentences – 10 questions
  5. Story retelling – 3 questions
  6. Open Questions (Speaking) – 2 questions

Round 3(Technical and Personal HR): It is a combined interview HR+Technical interview. It had 2- panel members. This is also an elimination round and the time frame for this round is around 20-30 mins. Questions were as follows:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Explain the projects you have mentioned in your resume. (There can be cross-questioning, but they don’t ask me anything related to that)
  3. As I mentioned my sports activities, they asked – what skills sports teach you (like teamwork, etc.. etc)?
  4. A question like if you are a manager and you want the work to be completed on time, so how will you manage your employees, how will you distribute the work among them.
  5. Some basic HR questions.

No technical questions were asked (neither on OOPS, Operating system, Computer Networks, SQL, DBMS, JAVA/C++, Project-based). The interview mainly focuses on your communications skills, and they judge you by asking some HR questions. Overall very good experience and an easy process.

After a few days, I have received a Letter of Intent (LOI) from Accenture and I have been Selected for the Application Development Associate role. 

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Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2021
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