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Accenture Interview Experience for ASE | Off-Campus 2021

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Round 1: Cognitive & Technical and Coding Assessment (5th August 2021)

This assessment is split into 2 stages.

Stage 1: The Cognitive and Technical assessment is a mandatory assessment and will be an elimination round. You must meet their sectional and sub-sectional cut-off to proceed ahead in their recruitments process. You will have 90min to complete 90 questions.

Level – Easy & Medium 

When you are done with stage 1 you need to wait for 5-10 minutes.

If (stage1 == cleared){

Stage 2: After clearing stage 1, you must participate in the Coding assessment and these scores will be considered for our final decisions. You will have 45min to complete 2 coding questions.

Level – Easy & Medium 

When you are done with the coding assessment, you will receive a link for the communication assessment.

Round 2: Communication Assessment (7th August 2021)

You will receive this mail within 5 days after completing your Round 1. 

  • Accenture communication test consists of 6 sections in total.
  • Every section has multiple questions and each question is asked by a different speaker (pre-recorded). Questions are asked orally and no text is displayed (except for the first section).
  • You need to orally answer every question.
  • You will be given 20-30 seconds to answer a question.
  • The next question will be asked immediately after the present one. In other terms, Questions are asked continuously without a break.

Section 1: Reading

Section 2: Listening

Section 3: Q & A

Section 4: Jumbled Sentences

Section 5: Retelling a story

Section 6: Speaking  

Round 3: Interview Round (13th August 2021)

You will receive this mail within a week after completing your Round 2. 

You need to book a slot for your interview. 

These are the questions that I was asked during my interview.

  •  Introduce Yourself
  •  Brief me about your project and then the questions were all about my project.
  •  Any hobbies? Any Extra co-curricular activity? Any Achievement 

My interview was for about 15 – 20 Minutes. 

P.S: You might need to wait for more than 10 minutes, So don’t panic. 

P.P.S: I am still waiting for my Interview result.

Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2021
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