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Accenture Interview Experience | Off-Campus Drive
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2021

Accenture Conducted an Off Campus Drive in the month of December 2020. (Direct Hiring 2021) Virtual Recruitment

Accenture offered two roles:
1. Application Development Associate
2. Application Development Analyst

 There were 3 rounds totally.

 1. Cognitive & Technical Assessment and Coding round
 2. Communication Assessment
 3. Technical Interview and Personal HR interview


This is an elimination round. Each one has to clear sectional and subsectional cut-off to qualify for the coding round which happens continuously once you complete cognitive and technical assessment and cleared the cut-off.
Time Frame: 90 minutes
It consists of 90 questions that have to be solved in the time frame of 90 minutes.

Cognitive and Technical Assessment:

Cognitive Assessment – Numerical Ability, English Ability, Analytical Reasoning – 50 Questions
Technical Assessment – Common Applications and MS office, Pseudocode, Fundamentals of Networking Security and Cloud. – 40 Questions

After clearing this Cognitive and Technical Assessment, we have to appear for Coding Round.

Coding Round:

Time Frame: 45 minutes

Allowed Coding Languages: C, C++, .NET, Java, Python

There will be 2 questions in this round:

1. Find the frequency of character in a string.

2. Question based on Linked List.

 The questions were different for each and everyone but the difficulty was the same. I have solved both questions.


This is a Pearson Versant Test. This is a Non-Elimination round.
Time frame: 20 minutes

Communication Assessment – Sentence Mastery, Vocabulary, Fluency, Pronunciation

Versant Test Consists of 6 Sections:

Section 1 : Reading – 8 questions
Section 2 : Repeating Sentence – 16 questions
Section 3 : Question & Answer – 24 questions
Section 4: Jumbled Sentences – 10 questions
Section 5: Story retelling – 3 questions
Section 6 : Open Questions (Speaking) – 2 questions


This is a Virtual Interview round. It had 2-panel members. This is an Elimination round.

Time Frame: 20 to 30 minutes

Questions were mostly asked from Projects which you have done and asked about mentors and your role. Then some basic Personal HR questions.

Overall the experience was good. 

After a few days, I have received Letter of Intent (LOI) from Accenture and I have been Selected for Application Development Associate role. 

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