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Teradata Interview Experience | Set 2

Total of 5 rounds 1. Written – 20 questions (15 from C,DS and algorithms and 5 form OS), 2. Technical Interview – No Introduction directly they have take into technical discussion.        a. write a function which will return the length of the string. the function should return only length(i.e interger), and u should not use… Read More »

Teradata Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus for Developer Profile)

Recently Teradata visited in our campus for recruitment First Round: Time: – 40 Minutes —————————————————————————- There was total 20 objective questions from C/C++ and OS. Questions was Easy and medium level. Those who have solve 16+ correct questions cracked first round. There is no –ve Marking. Second Round (Technical): Time: – 1:20 Hours —————————————————————————- 1.… Read More »