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Yugabyte Interview Experience for SDET (SDE in Test)

  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2021

Hi Geeks,

  • So I am sharing my interview experience with Yugabyte for the position of SDE in Test. Trust me, this is one of the best interview experiences I’ve ever had, the interviewers were cool and relaxed, the questions were focussed on evaluating my thinking abilities, so you can say it was a good experience overall.
  • I got to know about the opening via eLitmus and after applying I was skeptical whether my resume would be shortlisted or not because the resume getting shortlisted is like Haley’s comet 😛 Some job openings on eLitmus require you to go through a pH test but it wasn’t mandatory in case of YugaByte.
  • Anyway, I got a mail from eLitmus stating that I have been shortlisted and there will be a coding round.

So the following was the process:

Round 1(Resume Shortlisting Round)

Round 2(Coding Round): There were 3 questions in total. Two questions were easy, I got them in one attempt and the third one was a dynamic programming question which was a not a too difficult question either (or maybe I have seen a similar question earlier, that’s why it seemed easy at that time). The first two questions were:

  1. Represent the fraction of two numbers in the string format
  2. Wildcard Pattern Matching
  3. A DP question I don’t remember

The coding test happened on CodeSignal and that is a very good platform in terms of UI and other IDE features. Honestly, that is one of the main things I look for while giving a coding round.

Round 3(Technical Interview):

  • So after 10-12 days of the coding round, I got an invite for a technical interview with Yugabyte.
  • It went pretty well, the interviewer started with asking me about my introduction and other related stuff, we talked about other things that were on my resume and then there were two questions I was supposed to solve, I had to share my screen while solving the questions on the given platform.
  • One question was a Sliding Window problem
  • The other was related to 2D matrices. I would really give one solid advice here, please review the code you have written twice or thrice before actually submitting it, you will end up resolving some errors before they actually begin to haunt you in that interview.
  • Now I was told that the next round would be happening on the same day and I would receive an update regarding the same, if I am shortlisted further.

And guess what, I got an invite saying that the next round is going to start in 10 minutes.

Round 4(Test Case Round):

  • This round was basically aimed at evaluating my thinking abilities, I was given product scenarios and I was supposed to come up with tests for the same. For example, you would be given a website and you need to provide test cases related to performance of the website considering the backend and frontend, whatever is told, you might be even asked to think of a case which might lead to the breakdown of a component.
  • Again, I cannot iterate it enough that this was a really good experience for me. As I was new to the domain too, so the interviewer explained everything to me, along what lines I was expected to think, what could be the possible breakdowns for a product; the interviewer also helped me whenever I got stuck at any point. So I’ve had a nice time during that interview.
  • Finally, I got a call from the HR the next day that the company wants to extend an offer to me and they want to have a discussion with me one more time so that they can discuss my employment and salary details further.

Verdict: Selected

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