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JP Morgan Interview experience | SDET Role for Experienced
  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2018

I had an interview Total 6 rounds it took 2days (daily 3-4 hours).

HR who called me from Mumbai and asked directly for F2F.
Round 1:
they asked me from JAVA, TestNG, selenium, Maven, BDD, TDD (as mentioned in resume)
question :
>bufferreader and Input buffer reader difference.
>Maven build lifecycle
>Sting related Question.
>collection (list, LinkedList, Hashmap, Hashtable direct questions)
>how to print reverse of any string (each word also the complete string)
>Rest and SOAP related question
>locater and how to use

Round 2 (Technical + managerial):
> Related to project and framework.
>scenarios based question
>program to print uncommon number for two arrays and storing to the third array.
>discussed joining as well as a package.

Round3 (teleconference: from Mumbai)
>scearios bassed question.
>how to read data from excel, Unix commands related program
>collection Hashmap.
>how to create corn job etc.

Round 4:(another day)
VP level, Nothing much technical
>they discuss your role and project also their project(requirement)
>why you want to join, where you want to see your self etc ..

Round 5: ED from the US via teleconferencing
>scenario based question.
>Designing and validating Test cases.
>how you test a screen etc.
>discussion of role.

Round 6:
Again associate level lady, she came for technical.
>program to print common number for two arrays and storing to the third array.
>discussion of role.
>GMAIL login page success and failure scenarios.
>selenium( quit and close difference)
>xpth designing

for the second day, they said i will not discuss any technical its just a formal discussion but by going there almost 2 round was completely technical.

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