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Snapdeal Interview Experience for SDE II

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Round 1:  Pure Core Java Round.Emphasis on basics (String immutability, Exception handling, Generics). Round 2:  In second round, interviewer asked me to write pseudo code for duplicate check of word in sentence and create user defined exception . He then started with framework questions for Spring and Hibernate . Below are some of the questions:
    • Difference between Qualifier and Autowire.
    • Spring MVC Request Response flow
    • Caching in Hibernate
    • Profiling in Spring
Round 3: Third round was regarding the projects i have worked on. My stack includes Designing and Implementation of Rest services, SOAP services, Microservices, elastic search etc. I don’t remember all the questions but yes some of them are listed below:
  •  Explain WSDL (Web Service Descriptor Language) syntactically and semantically.
  •  While designing rest endpoint what key points you keep in mind.
  •  Microservices interaction and how used 2 Phase Commit protocol in it.
  •  Write query for fetching data at specific index from elastic search.
Round 4 :  Fourth round was architecture round. Person having 13+ years of experience took this round . We had discussion around project architecture and optimization of db queries. Lastly, most strong data structures you have . mine was Linked List, so we discussed 2-3 problems on Linked List Round 5: Last was HR Round .

Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2019
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