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Xoriant Interview Experience | Set 3 (On- Campus)
  • Last Updated : 25 Oct, 2017

Xoriant Pune has visited our college. There were total five rounds & Every round was elimination round:

Round 1. Aptitude Test :
This was containing seven sections:
1. Quantitative aptitude: Most of the questions were based on percentages, profit and loss etc.
2. Data Structures(2-3 questions)
3. Java(3 questions)
4. Programing Questions
5. Computer Science(Basic questions from OS, CN and database)
6 & 7. Coding questions: 2 Moderate level codes. Mostly based on numbers. You can write code in any language Java, C, C++, Python etc. I used Java.
Almost 80 students had given the test and they shortlisted 40 students from this round.

Round 2. Group Discussion :
This was major elimination round. They created 4 groups each of 10 among us. The topics were:
1. E-learning vs Classroom learning
2. Smart City, etc.
In GD the important thing was what you talk not how many times or for how much period, the points that you put should be worthy. Let others also speak and listen to their points carefully.
They shortlisted 16 candidates from this round.

Round 3. Technical Interview :
This was taken by a senior technical person. First she asked me to introduce. Then she asked me to explain any of my project. I had used mongodb in my project. Then she asked me some questions on mongodb. After that she asked for my favorite technology, I said Java. She asked me questions from Java like
1. Tell me some concepts from OOPS.
2. What is Encapsulation?
3.What is Multi-threading?
4. Why should we use multi-threading?
5. What is Synchronization? etc.

Then she moved towards web development.She asked me to write HTML tags. Then asked me about CSS properties. Then she asked me what is bootstrap and why should we use it? Asked about some bootstrap classes.
duration: 45 min approximately.

Round 4. Managerial Interview :
It was taken by Project Manager. First he asked me to tell about all the projects done by me. I told in brief, idea and technologies used in each project.Then he asked me about my current project. For next 15 minutes we discussed about the idea, technologies and how we are going to implement our project, etc.
Then some questions on collection framework from Java.
After this he asked 2-3 non technical questions like what was biggest failure in your life and how did you overcome it.
duration: 30 min approximately.

Round 5. HR Interview :
This interview was very different one. The first question was which question is difficult one for you? I said what are your weaknesses and that was my next question.
Most of the questions were situation based. HR was giving me situation and he was checking how do I react to such moments.
Then we discussed about company.

This interview is for analyzing your attitude and to see whether you fits into their organizations environment.
Just be cool and present yourself as you are.
7 candidates had given HR interview. At the end, they selected only three. I was lucky to be one of them.
duration: 40 min approx.

Important topics for interview : Java, Database, Projects, Web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap)

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