Xoriant Interview Experience | Set 1 (On Campus)

ROUND 1 (30 min):

It was technical aptitude and general aptitude with some 2-3 codes. Technical aptitude composed of questions on basic computer science and engineering subjects. General aptitude composed of simple questions based on routine topics like speed, time & distance, clocks, calendar, etc. Problem statements were of simple to moderate level. As far as I remember, I coded in C and C++.

ROUND 2 (6-7 min):

Almost 35-40 candidates were shortlisted for this round out of around 150-170. Groups were made as 6-7 candidate in each group. The topics given for discussion were general and based on current affairs. Time slot of 6-7 minutes were given to each group. Again 20-25 candidates were shortlisted for the next round.

ROUND 3 (45 min):

In Technical interview following questions were asked:
• Introduce yourself.
• Favorite subject.
• Then the interviewer switched to my project and discussion on it lasted for very long ; almost till the end of interview. (from where did you get this idea ? how did you implemented it ? How this project could be scaled up ? use-case for the project ? ).

ROUND 4 (20-25 min):

This interview could also be called as Technical Interview II since no non-technical questions were there, it was wholly technical interview only.
Here I was asked about:
• Types of Joins in DBE.
• Difference between statefull and stateless protocols.
• Concepts of JAVA (Inheritance, Polymorphism).
• Some simple question from DS, unable to recall exactly, it was based on linear DS.
• He asked me something about cache and session in Web, since I had almost no knowledge of the domain, I said I am sorry I won’t be able to answer question in this domain. Luckily I had answered almost all previous questions with good real time examples.

ROUND 5 (45 min):

It was really cool interview. Had great discussion with HR on some social activities being carried out by them in villages. It happened so because I had same hobby as of HR. He asked few questions which are there in typical HR interview.
• About family background.
• About activities I did in college.
• Asked me to explain my experience as a leader for department’s club.
• Strengths and weaknesses.
5 candidates were selected in our campus process. I was lucky enough to be one of them. 🙂

Thank you ….!!!! All the best …!!!!

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