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Wipro Turbo Interview Experience | Campus Placements

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 25 Dec, 2020

Wipro came to our campus for Turbo Hiring through campus placements. (Package of 6.5 LPA) for the role of Project Engineer. Before sharing my experience, let me introduce myself, I am a B.Tech Electronics Engineering graduate from VJTI, Mumbai.

The process took place in three phases:

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  1. PPT & Online Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

The whole process took around 6-7 working days and of course, the entire process was online.

PPT & Online Test: The PPT was conducted in the evening followed by Online Test. 76 students had applied for online tests. The Platform for the test was AMCAT. The was having around five sections (Verbal, Quant, LR, Essay writing, Coding questions). Quant and LR were having easy to moderate level questions. Also, coding questions were also easy to moderate. (I got questions from a string, array). (Other students got questions from trees also). There were 2 coding questions. (students who solve only one coding question full or both parts were also shortlisted for the next round). I am not sure but I think there was a sectional cut off so you have to perform well in all sections.

Technical Interview: Out of 76 students only 9 were shortlisted for a technical interview. I was one of them. The time for the technical interview was around 30 mins. Most of the questions were from resumes. So you should know every detail which is in your resume. I got questions from DBMS, Internships, and projects. In my entire interview, I got most of the questions from my project. I have done my project in Django so most of the questions were from that only. Project details, planning for the project, some logic-based questions on my project. At last, he also asked me some HR types questions.

HR Interview: We got results for the HR interview after 3-4 working days! For the HR interview, they shortlisted 5 students. The time for the HR interview was 30 mins. There were some common HR questions. Along with that, some stress questions were also asked. In short, in this interview, he was checking communication skills and behavior. 

Finally, after 2 days, we got the result. They selected all students from the HR round. And I was one of them!

Final Status: Selected

This year entire world is facing a financial crisis. So in such a situation, the campus placements are also badly affected. So I decided that if the company and job profile are good then I will go for that company irrespective of the package. 

All the best!!!

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