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Wipro Turbo Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2019
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Job Title-Project Engineer

FIRST ROUND: It was an online round conducted on cocubes. There were 70 questions and time allotted was 70 mins.20 ques on verbal,20 ques on quants and 30 technical ques(C++/JAVA). All were of MCQ types. Around 200 students sat for the first round.Note:Solve the easier questions first and skip the tougher ones to be solved at last.

SECOND ROUND: Around 64 students qualified for the second round.It was PI round.Basic questions were asked from C, C++. important definitions and terms were asked from c and c++. Two simple codes were given to write on paper. Reverse a sentence, reverse a string, prime number, print patterns, etc. were the coding questions asked in this round. Projects and skills were dealt thoroughly that were in the CV. Note: Be confident with your answers and go in the interview with “NEVER SAY NO” attitude.

THIRD ROUND: It was the HR round.around 20 students qualified for this round. If you have reached this round, there is a high chance to get selected. Questions on various situations were asked. They basically want to know your choice in each situation.And you would also be asked to justify your choice.Always have a smile on your face and never panic.

The drive started at 9 am in the morning and lasted to 1 am of the next day.Results were announced and 17 students were finally selected and I was one of them.

PS: This was not a mass recruiting company as they offered 6 lakhs per annum. Please respect every company even if it is a mass recruiting company.

I was rejected in the PI of Infosys because i was very casual in the PI. I didn’t even try to answer their questions because I thought I deserve much more than this. Finally I ended up with the rejection. So,I will suggest you to give full dedication to each and every company.
“Never lose hope” is the only mantra for placement season.Have trust on your destiny and hard work.

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