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Wipro Turbo Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2020
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Wipro Visited Our Campus around mid-November 2020 and students with 7 CGPA and above can apply, around 2000 students gave an exam for this company.

Round 1: This round was an online test round, around 2000 students gave the exam. It consists of 4 sections all was conducted on AMCAT.

  • Section 1: It was having basic aptitude questions, the time allotted was around half an hour, and we have to solve around 25-30 questions
  • Section 2: It was having logical reasoning questions, the time allotted was around 15-20 min, and we have to solve around 15,16 questions
  • Section 3: It was Verbal Section, it was having 10-15 questions and the time allotted was around 10 minutes
  • Section 4: It was Coding Round, it consists of 2 questions 1 easy, 1 Medium 
    1. 1st was of string matching
    2. 2nd was of Dynamic Programming (Knapsack Problem)

Both questions were 17 test cases each, I was able to solve the first one completely and 12 test cases for the second one around 650 students got shortlisted for the second round

Round 2: This Round was a Technical round it went for around 30 minutes. It was completely resume based, I was asked about my skills that I mentioned in the resume then about the internship which I did, then about the project (this was the most important part of the entire 30 min since the interviewer asked me to explain more than 1 projects as I mentioned 4 projects in my resume), some questions on software engineering about Software development lifecycle and about some different types of models of software development, Basics of DBMS like indexing, join. Also, I was asked about some additional information like Microsoft Azure, etc, I answered it partially as I was not aware of it completely. One having good knowledge of projects and if he is able to explain it properly can easily crack this round, and Some basic understandings of Computer subjects like DBMS, OS, SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT is must for tech round.

Around 350 students get shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3: This Round was HR and last round. It went for around 20mins. My name for the HR round came after 1 day of giving a tech interview. It Started with a greeting, she was very polite and easy to talk she asked me about the bond that Wipro gave us for 1 year if I am having any problem, I said no, then she asked me about the relocation, I told her I am comfortable at any location, then she asked me some managerial questions like what you would do if you were given the role of Stakeholder of the company, I explained to her what a stakeholder does and how it brings impacts on the company, What would you do if someone in your team is giving a lethargic performance, what would you do? I explained to her I will try to talk to him and convince him about the team performance. Then she asked me if I had any questions for her, I asked her about her favorite part of the company, and she answered it briefly. Finally, it ended on the best line you would like to hear from any interviewer that see you soon at the company. I was lucky enough to get the offer as many of the good students did not get the offer. 339 students were selected and Wipro turbo made a national record for recruiting at such large no.

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