ValueLabs, Hyderabad on-campus interview

Aptitude: The 2:30 hrs written test pattern is divided into multiple sections:

  1. Quantitative aptitude: – covers questions from simple interest, compound interest, profit-loss, time and distance, time and work, pipes and cisterns, etc. RS Aggarwal is sufficient for this.
  2. Reasoning round: it’ll cover questions like coding-decoding(too many but good level), series, directions, etc. You can refer any reasoning book for this as it’ll cover these topics.
  3. Programming objective : oops concepts( mostly Java), os (like boot up etc.), linux basics( like file system eg: /temp, /bin folders), html objectives.

Coding :

  • 1 question to be done in 15 mins, in any of C/C++/Java langs. Some questions which were asked in my batch were that of arrays( like arrange array elements in such a way to get minimum diff between consecutive elements), lcs, etc.

Group Discussion: Do not panic, just be calm and clear in your thought process.

1st Technical Round: can be on skype or f2f, will cover topics from you resume to projects, questions will mostly be on oops, java( threading most imp), dbms( may ask to write sql queries), one coding question/ puzzle.

2nd Technical Round:  can be one skype or f2f, a higher level executive will be taking this round, in my case this was on skype like interface. This will be more in a descriptive manner technically. Some discussion on projects and why should we hire you?

HR round: basic about you/co-curricular stuff, rarely they’ll reject in this round!

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