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Gblog Analysis of Monolithic and Distributed Systems – Learn System Design
System analysis is the process of gathering the requirements of the system prior to the designing system in order to study the design of our… Read More
Students who are looking for jobs through on-campus placement or off-campus placement always have this doubt about which companies to target – product-based companies or… Read More
Let’s be real that everyone, at least once, thinks about this question in their mind – “How to make money online”. Bet that you’re one… Read More
Whenever you attempt to give an examination, be it for placement or competitive exams. You must have seen that Quantitative Aptitude is included in the… Read More
American Express visited Vellore Institute of Technology in September 2022, offering Internship+Full Time EDA/CFR Roles. The entire recruitment process was wrapped up in 4 rounds,… Read More
Round 1: Online Test (Platform used: SHL): The first round was an Online Test containing three Sections:  Business Case Study Questions (12 Questions: 25 Minutes):… Read More
First, let’s talk about the eligibility criteria for Ugam Solution. You should be a student of  BE/B.Tech (CS/IT/EXTC). If you are from the EXTC branch… Read More
JP Morgan Chase & Co. visited our college during the 6th Semester to hire Full-Time Software Engineers for the year 2023. Eligibility Criteria: B.Tech/BE/MCA  Students… Read More
Hello Everyone, I have gone through the hiring process of Hexaware Technology recently, and here is my experience which I would like to share with… Read More
Cloudera visited our college in September 2022 for the SDE profile. It was an offer for a full-time employee and a 6-month mandatory internship It… Read More
This company visited our campus for the recruitment process. The procedure was similar to other companies. The first round was an online test followed by… Read More
Income Tax is a direct tax that is levied on any individual’s or entity’s income during a financial year. It is directly paid to the… Read More
The <math.h> header file in C contains the standard math library functions which can be utilized for various mathematical operations. All math.h library functions accept… Read More
In C programming language, the exp() function is a built-in function of <math.h> library which is used to calculate the value of e (Euler’s Number… Read More
Business and industrial associations are formed to promote and protect their common interests and goals. Many such organisations exist in the country, like the Associated… Read More
Making a top-quality resume is important for getting a top-quality job, as every job advertisement receives plenty of applications. A recruiter screens and filters through… Read More
What is Recruitment? Recruitment can be considered the principal function of the Human resource department. It is a process that includes sourcing, screening, and shortlisting.… Read More
What is Debenture? A debenture can be described as a debt instrument issued by a company to the public in order to raise funds for… Read More

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