Valuelabs Interview Experience

Round 1: First Round is an Online test, with 4 sections.
First section is Verbal questions, Second section is Aptitude and Logical, Third section is pseudo code round(concentrate on c++ and java), Fourth section is simple coding round(Mainly concentrate on patterns and arrays)

All sections were easy, but maintain time properly.You can easily crack it!!

Round 2:Second Round is Group discussion

Topic given was Information security, Talk only valid points with a real time example and future scope that would impress them.

Most of the topics were based on trending technologies.

Round 3: Third Round is Technical interview.It was around 25 min.

I was asked questions mainly about Java.He also asked me write simple programs.I will mention some questions that I remember.

1.Difference b/w vector and array list

2.Explain life cycle of Thread

3.Concept of Synchronization

4.Reverse a string such that special characters in that string should be in same place

5.Identify missing numbers in a sequence of numbers

6.Sort the given integers without using any sorting techniques

7.Given an element find whether it is present in the fibonacci series

8.How to handle Exceptions in java

If you are strong in basics of any one programming language and Data structures .It is easy to crack this interview.

Round 4:Fourth Round was HR interview

once you crack above rounds  you are almost done.

I was asked to tell about myself.He asked me to explain the projects and then he asked me how do you see yourself in next 5 years.

1.A real time scenario-what would you suggest to UBER manager to improve it.

2.A horse race puzzle

3.Time and watch puzzle

It was simple and easy, Just presence of mind is enough to crack this.

Totally 900 students wrote the exam, where 140 students were shortlisted and 18 got selected.I am happy that I was one of them.

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