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ValueLabs Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 28 Nov, 2021

Round 1: The first round was an online aptitude and coding round which consisted of MCQ’s based on Quantitative aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English verbal, Programming Logic and 1 coding question.

The coding question was that of a pattern. (Q – Leaning Tower of Pisa).

Round 2(10 mins for each student): The second round was GD(Group discussion). (8 in one group)

  • The topic was, “Is 75% attendance really necessary and how it affects modern education?“. 
  • The trick here is to keep your calm and keep adding insightful and logical points to the discussion. 
  • I tried not to be aggressive and be more supportive. Also, it is most advisable to keep the discussion at your end short and precise.

Round 3(25-30 mins): The third round was Technical Interview – I.(Telephonic)

  1. Tell me something about yourself? My projects were of Mobile app development(Android), so I faced a barrage of questions from there.
  2. Tell me something about your app? How much time did it take to make and what are the technologies involved?
  3. How are you fetching information to show in your app? Since my app was on play store the interviewer verified it by going to the playstore and actually downloading it.
  4. How did you implement search? Suppose I want to make an app/website that searches for the best college in your city how will I design the whole app, backend included (only approach required)? Tell me what algorithm will you implement the code? How does Google Search work(Only idea required)?
  5. Write a code (any language of your choice) to sort a sentence string with respect to the first letter of each word? Exp: I/P: india won the match.  O/P: india match the won
  6. What is FileReader and FileWriter in JAVA? Write a program to demonstrate its use.
  7. What is Primary and Foreign Key in Database? What is union?

Round 4(30-40 mins): The fourth round was Technical Round – II.

  1. Tell me something about yourself?
  2. Why did you choose mobile app development?
  3. Tell me something about the app that you have made?


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