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Tiger Analytics Interview Experience for Data Analyst (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2021
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Recently, I have been through the interview experience of Tiger Analytics Chennai and I would like to share my experience with everyone. Totally there were four rounds 1 written + 2 technical + 1 HR

Every round is an elimination round.

Round-1(Aptitude and Technical questions): This round is a huge elimination round like 260 members attended this round which contains MCQ’s on aptitude and some technical questions on OOPS, time complexity and algorithms.

Aptitude was quite easy to attempt best guide is RS Agarwal which contains basics with formulas for all the concepts. Besides that the technical questions are of medium to a hard level so definitely need to work on algorithms on 

Out of 260 students, only 13 members are qualified to the next round.

Round-2(Live coding round): HR allocated each person a google meet link and a jam board link to use while coding and this round was about 1hr duration.

They started with tell me about yourself, and then they asked to share the screen for coding.  

  1. 1Both recursive and dynamic programming method o climbing up of stairs either 1 or 2 steps at a time.
  2. Explain how to do operations on 20GB of data using BufferedReader in java and also asked about the latest trend how to use this in MapReduce Hadoop platform and asked to code using java Bufferedreader.
  3. 8 queens problem to check whether given sequence of queens is correct or not.

The number of students qualified from this round is not known as HR individually called each one and told.

Round-3(Data Analytics and Apti related to Data Analytics): Firstly an interviewer joined and started with tell me about yourself but due to his network issues got disconnected and the HR is quick and assigned another interviewer.

He began asking to tell me about yourself and asked about my projects and role model.

After that, he began asking aptitude questions 

  1. Gave a 3 litres jug and 5 litres jug and asked to measure 4 litres of water.
  2. a+b+c=100 ,a,b,c are prime and c=b+36 find a, b, c. (here we need to assume one value and then solve for others)
  3. A number of triangles that can be formed whose vertices are the vertices of an octagon but have only one side common with that of the octagon?
  4. V is taller than R but shorter than J. S is the shortest. D is taller than S but shorter than R. Who is the tallest?

Some more are asked but did not remember exactly.

Then he asked to explain about projects. He asked some basic algos related to my projects.

Finally, the main questions are now asked about how to fill null or missing values of the dataset(other than mean, mode, median) by giving some scenario-based questions.

Then he asked to predict the sales of a product in the next month by giving dataset field names and asked what are the things to be considered and gave a scenario that I will sell a product for 20rs which would be sold for just 10 rs in other places and asked to predict sales and asked to bring a relation between them. I was confused a bit and asked him for some time and after 2minutes I answered with a solution but I think he expected more.

After the interview he asked any questions, I told him that this is a new type of interview other than coding and asked about my performance he told it was not too good or too bad but it’s OK. I thought that I will be disqualified from this round. But the HR called me to attend the final HR interview.

Round-4 (HR Round): It was a quiet routine round with basic HR Questions

Tell me about yourself basic one for every round.

  1. Team player and how to overcome deadlines on time
  2. Will you relocate
  3. Where will you be in next 5 years?
  4. Any higher study plans

It was just a 10-15 minutes round

Finally, next day morning the results were declared any 4 members were offered for Intern + FTE for Analyst role, and I was one of them.


  1. Be calm and think for answers, ask the interviewer for time they will definitely give you. If no idea finally ask for a hint(I suggest you this finally if no alternative is there)
  2. Try to keep only the concepts you are perfect in tour resume
  3. Wait for your time, and when you get don’t leave it for anyone.

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