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Hexaware Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2021

Round- 1: Aptitude

It consists of 78 questions of 1 mark each.

SectionNo. of QuestionsTime
Quants48(shared)48(shared) mins
English48(shared)15(shared) mins
Logical48(shared)48(shared) mins
Technical/Computer MCQs3030 mins

I cleared the first round and got the mail for the second round i.e Technical Interview.

Round-2: Technical Interview

As due to Pandemic interview was taken on Microsoft teams platform. They mostly ask Java related questions.

Interviewer: Introduce yourself?

Me: Answered

Interviewer: Which Co-curricular activities you taken part in?

Me: Answered

Interviewer: Do you know Java?

Me: No, I’m well aware of python language and I like to solve problems on data structure and algorithm i.e Competitive Programming.

Interviewer: Open Online editor for C and write a program to print alternate prime numbers.

Me: I shared my screen and wrote the code for that.

Interviewer: Do you know SDLC models, explain them?

Me: Explained.

Interviewer: What is Agile model?

Me: Explained.

Interviewer: Explain Oops Concept

Me: Explained.

Interviewer: Rate yourself in DBMS.

Me: 6 -7

Interviewer: Open Online Sqlite Compiler and write query for 3rd  last score from class table.

Me: Answered.

On the next day I received the mail that I was selected for the next round SpeechX (CEFR) and Writing Skill i.e Communication assessment

Tip: Prepare OOPS concepts, SDLC models, if you know Java then concepts of JAVA, Mostly asked DBMS queries.

Round-3: Communication Assessment

Basically, this test, tests the pronunciation of your words, your vocabulary, and your grammar. This test consists of 1 hour held on mettl platform and it was totally a computer-based test.

There are 4 sections

  • Section 1: You have to record the sentence given there.
  • Section 2: The Passage is played and you have to listen that carefully and then answer the questions based on passage.
  • Section 3: It was like extempore. They give you some time to think on some topic and then record for 1 min duration. These are very easy topics such as Your Childhood game, Dream house, What do you like to do in weekends.
  • Section 4: Writing Skills
    Topic will be provided and you have to write 200 words in 15 min. My topic was Effective Communication is a catalyst for professional growth.

The next day I received the mail in Spam that I was selected for next round i.e. Learning Ability. So, check spam mails too.

Tip: Don’t panic and don’t be in hurry to record.

Round-4: Learning Ability

In this round few Psychological Questions are asked. This was easy you have to only select Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree.

I received the mail that I was selected for the next round i.e HR round.

Round-5: HR round

It was also on Microsoft Teams platform and for only 15 min.

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Tell something about your family

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: How do you get updated with new technologies.

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Any location Constraints?

Me: No.  

Tip: If you want to be selected then answer this question no. Because afterwards they provide location preference.

Interviewer: Why should I hire you?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Do you know about Hexaware?

Me: Answered. For this question I read there LinkedIn page about section.  

Interviewer: Do you know the company bond and salary?

Me: No, I would like to know from you.

Interviewer: Ok, I’ll let you know

After a day I received mail that I was selected for the Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) with 3.5 LPA and they have 2 years bond. After this they give chance to upgrade the offer to the role of Premier Graduate Engineer Trainee – PGET (CTC – 5 LPA). In this the selection process is Coding round + Additional Tech / MC Interviews. The coding round was for 1 hours 15 minutes with 2 questions. Language provided in the 1st question was Python, Java, C++, C#, C and for 2nd only Java, Cpp, C#, C. So, I wasn’t selected for PGET role as I do coding in python.

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