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TCS NQT Interview Experience

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Round 1:

Well, round 1 consists of an online test, that contains questions from a lot of sections. First of all their was an English test. That consists of various questions on sentence completion, cloze passage, direct indirect speech, para jumbles, and few others. Then there was aptitude test consisting of 20 questions to be solved in 40 mins. The topics include data sufficiency, time and work, speed time distance, profit and loss, number system, probability. After this, we have a programming logic round of 10 questions in 20 mins which mainly include output based questions. After that, there was a coding round having 1 question to be solved in 30 mins. That was based on an array.

Round 2:

After getting shortlisted from round 1, I got an interview call where first round was a technical interview. There were two people in my panel for interview. My interview starts in this way.

Me: Good Morning Sir.

P1: Good morning, have your seat and can you give u 2 resumes?

Me: Sure sir.

P1: Ok it looks good, what is cfront?

Me: Sir, it was the first compiler for c++ language.

P1: ok, then he asked me few questions on python indexing, basics of dbms, c++ like what is # when we include a header file, inline function, wrapper class, basic sql queries.

I gave most of the answers but was in doubt in a few of them.

P1: Sir, it is over from my side, now you can have your questions(to p2).

P2: Well you have done quite a few projects, so tell me which is your favorite one from this and explain it in brief.

I took nearly 15 mins to tell him and explain my complete project in detail. He was quite impressed by the work I have done in my project.

P2: Where do you see yourself after 7 years from now.

Me:  I explained to him that 5 years down the line I see myself working in your company at a higher position, leading a team on a particular project.


After that, my interview was over and I was asked to wait for results.

Round 3: It was an HR round I will provide you with questions that were thrown at me.

Describe yourself based on the qualities you have?

More discussion on my abilities.

Do you have any issue if company sends you out of India?

Who all are there in your family?

What is the future of machine learning?

What if you are not selected today?

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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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