TCS NQT 2019 Interview Experience

Round 1: The first round was NQT which consisted of English, Aptitude, Technical MCQs and Coding. It had sectional cutoff(undisclosed by TCS). The exam can be attributed as a simple to moderate level exam. Its results were announced and students were subsequently called for interviews.

Round 2: I was called on August 26 for a face to face interview at one of the TCS’s offices in Hyderabad. I was allotted a slot at 1:30pm but it took 5:00pm for the interview to begin. The round2 was a technical round. When i entered the room, the interviewer skimmed through my resume and asked me to introduce myself. After the introduction, she asked me which subject was I good at in my entire course. I said DBMS after which she asked me to give an overview of the subject. Later she asked me about DDL, TCL etc. commands. Then she asked me a file transfer program in java. I answered it well. Next she asked me Technical questions from the languages mentioned in resume. Later she asked me a variable swapping code in C. Then I was asked in depth about my projects. I answered all questions to her satisfaction. The interview went on for about 45 minutes.

PS: Make sure whatever you write in your resume is true and you are ready to answer any question pitched from your resume.

Round 3: After the technical round, I was asked to attend the HR round. The HR round began with an introduction and later I was given a few scenarios and asked what would you choose if you where there. Then I was questioned why I don’t consider joining dad’s business and more questions regarding my family and my plans for higher education were asked. Then I was asked generic questions about relocation and future goals. The interview was done well and 2 weeks later I received a mail from TCS saying that I was selected.

This was my first interview and I was immensely pleased that I could get through!!

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