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TCS NQT 2020 Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 27 Apr, 2020

Round 1:(Technical Round) I was asked to enter the Interview room after documents’ verification. There were two Interviewers in a single panel.

Interviewer: Okay Rishav, tell me about yourself.

Me: Respected sir, myself Rishav Ghosh Dastidar. I am pursuing MSc(Mathematics and Computing) from the Indian Institute of Technology(Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad. I have completed my graduation from Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur. I like to solve problems related to competitive coding. I have solved more than 250 coding questions of different levels in several coding platforms like Codechef, Geeksforgeeks, Leetcode, etc. My ambition is to work in an IT company. Besides coding, I like to develop websites, android apps, etc.

Interviewer: Okay, so tell me what are the subjects you are studying in your current semester?

Me: Software Engineering, Computer Networks…………..

Interviewer: Explain waterfall model in software engineering.

Me: (Answered)

Interviewer: What are the drawbacks of waterfall model?

Me: (Answered)

Interviewer: Have you heard the term ‘Cryptography’? If yes then explain it to me.

Me: It is an art of protecting information by transforming it into unreadable text. The information can be accessed from the public domain but the person I allow access will be able to access it with the help of key. Key is a concept in cryptography. For eg, Sending an email is an example of cryptography.

Interviewer: Nice, now tell me what is HTTP, HTTPS and explain me the difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

Me:¬† HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. I don’t know HTTPS.

Interviewer: What! You haven’t heard about HTTPS. Whatever what is the IP address?

Me: (Answered)

Interviewer: Write an IP address and tell me which class does it belong to.


Interviewer: Okay Rishav, now tell me why should we hire you.

Me: I am from Mathematics background. I have done my graduation in Mathematics Hons. and post-graduation in mathematics and computing. Competing with the BTech students and sitting in front of you, I think I am eligible for this job.

Interviewer: Okay, wait for 5 mins, we are sending the feedback to HR. He will call you.


Round 2:(HR) Now the HR called me after 10 minutes.

HR: Hey Rishav, if I tell you to work at the location which is not favorable for you, for eg. Kochi, will you join?

Me: Of course, I have no problem.

HR: If I tell you to work at night shift, will you join?

Me: Obviously.

HR: Can you speak hindi?

Me: Yes, sir.

HR: Can you write Hindi? If yes, then write a sentence in Hindi.

Me: (Wrote)

HR: Thank you Rishav, results will be declared soon. Till then you just leave the campus.

After 2-3 weeks, the results were declared and I got selected, the offer letter came which I accepted. Overall it was a nice experience

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