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TCS NQT (2019-2020) Interview Experience

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Hey there, Greetings!

Today, let me give everybody who reads this a glimpse of my experience throughout the selection process of TCS via TCS NQT Contest.

My experience during the entire selection process of TCS was so much more of a Roller Coaster Ride bumping through ups and downs.

We came across this one particular contest of TCS through the Placement Coordinators at our college by the end of May. We updated our resumes and applied for the Contest.

Test Pattern for TCS NQT – Off Campus Assessment:

Sections No. of Questions Time
English 15 10 mins
Quantitative Aptitude 15 30 mins
Programming Concepts 10 40 mins
Coding 1 Problem Statement 30 mins
Total 90 Minutes

Quantitative Aptitude and Programming Concepts can hold Multiple Choice questions(negative marks for each wrong answer) as well as Fill in the blanks(no negative marks for wrong answers).

We realized that, ample time has to be spent for the preparation, so training was organised and our scheduled training began from July 9, 2019.

We prepared ourselves for most of the repeated questions of TCS NQT. Everyday we had online assessments on any of the four sections. We took up three mock tests. And then finally on August 3, 2019 we had our D-Day.

To be honest, I was a bit anxious on the day of the Exam, but I did believe that eventually everything will fall into place. My exam was scheduled between 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM. So, I had ample time to discuss the questions asked for the previous batch students.

The clock struck One! Ah, that was my H-Hour. We had a few formalities in assuring the identity of every candidate so the reporting time was set early. I was composed after making myself comfortable in the hall. Some of the questions intended for my batch were repeated from the previous NQT questions. So, eventually everything made sense to me.

My Secret:

We were advised not to mark answers for questions which we were less certain of. So, I played by the book. And that’s how I cracked it finally.

On August 10, 2019 the results were announced through e-mails to the respective individuals. Our Placement organizers were contacted by TCS to acknowledge them regarding the list of students who were eligible to attend TCS Digital Contest(among which I was one of them) which was held on August 14, 2019.

TCS Digital Contest is a contest for higher package. It is a bit difficult to clear. There were no Multiple Choice questions. I did not make through this contest. But, I am very sure that through proper preparation and defined goal we can easily crack this contest.

Finally, the Interview dates were announced for which, the students from our zone were scheduled to attend their interview on September 12, 2019. So, until then we had a few mock interview at college and collected the reviews from our seniors regarding their previous TCS NQT interviews.

September 12, 2019 was one of the most remarkable days I have ever had. I prepared to my heart’s content. I had my Skype call by 12:45 PM at Panel No. 5.

At the panel:

The interviewers and I had formal greetings.

The interviewers wanted to check if I am composed and well aware of my surrounding or if I am preoccupied with preparation. So they asked me to state how long it took for me to walk into the room.

They wanted me to list my technical skills.

I was asked to explain my projects on IoT. Several questions popped up following this question as they grew curious with every answers.

Next, they asked me to explain the Web Development Application I was involved in. They keenly listened to the explanations and threw questions from the database used in our application. I was asked to explain the Right Join Query and the Primary Keys used in all the table of our application.

Later, I was asked to write a program to swap two numbers. There was screen sharing mode so that whatever I typed on the Notepad will be shared with them.

I was also asked to give an outline of the Google Analytics online course I had taken earlier.

We also had a few formal discussions regarding the expectations TCS has on freshers.

At last, I wished them a Good Day and they wished my Good Luck for my future.

In short the interview was very interactive as they gave my every chance to express myself.

The offer letters were generated on September 18, 2019.

And that’s how I received my offer letter through TCS NQT Contest with all the support and guidance of my parents, sibling, friends, teachers, seniors, trainers and placement coordinators and The All-mighty.

Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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