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TCS digital On-Campus Placement Drive

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Since I am from the 1st tier college, I directly had the digital online test. 

Round 1: In this round, there was 2 test:  

The aptitude test consisted of quantitative, qualitative as well as the English section which is for 1 hour. For all MCQ’s there was negative marking for the wrong answer. For questions where we had to type the answer up to 2 decimal places, there was no negative marking in the quantitative section these were mostly related to geometry, trigonometry, and other maths fundamentals we had till 10th standard. 

A coding round called Codevita was conducted for 1 hour where we were given one coding question. The question was fairly easy though if you know basic coding we were taught in 1st year of college of B.Tech, that much knowledge is sufficient to solve. On the first page, we were given the coding question, then using their online compiler we need to write the code and test it. After that, save your code on the computer system and go to the question page, there you will find submit the code file. You can check, whether your submission is done successfully. 

For us, this was conducted in the month of November. Within 1 week, the shortlist for the interview came. Out of around 200 people, 18 people were selected for it. 

Round 2: It was combined technical and managerial round continued almost for 50 minutes in the TCS office. Students from 3 colleges came there for an interview.  

Questions were from my projects based on the web-development(Javascript, Angular7) and blockchain, Machine Learning(course I had done), JAVA, OOP’s concepts, DBMS, voice and gesture-controlled bots( I attended a workshop on it) and trending technologies. 

  1. What is the difference between JS and Angular7?
  2. So, there are so many versions of Angular. What are the features and advantages of Angular7? Why did I choose Angular7 for my project?
  3. My contribution to the projects and other follow-ups questions
  4. What is ML, give it applications? What are the different types of machine learning?
  5. What are IoT and its applications? How the process actually happens( though it wasn’t mentioned in my resume)?
  6. Difference between Interfaces and abstract classes in Java?
  7. What are OOP’s concepts?
  8. What is blockchain and what are its advantages?
  9. What is Arduino? What are the voice and gesture-controlled bots and what were my learnings from the workshop?


  1. Prepare things well mentioned in your resume.
  2. Know the basics of trending technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc. such as definitions and applications. Even though, it is not mentioned in your resume.
  3. Don’t just give bookish definitions instead tell them what’s your understanding of that topic.
  4. Give a short and crisp answer. Don’t hurry while giving an answer. If you don’t know a certain topic, just ask the interviewee that you don’t know and request them to ask another question softly but don’t give the wrong answer thinking they will reject you, which will create a bad impact on your performance.
  5. Be clear and confident.
  6. I would suggest people from non-circuit branches be proficient in 1 programming language(JAVA/Python) and do at least 1 online course or project in any of the trending technologies. TCS mainly need candidates who are good in JAVA and Python.

Only 1 candidate from each of the 3 colleges was selected for the next round on that day and I was one among them. 

Round 3: This was the HR round, which was conducted after 4 hours of 2nd round for around 10 minutes. I think the interviewee was trying to test our patience. 

  1. Tell me about your background?
  2. Do I have any backlogs subjects?
  3. Whether I secure >60% in my course?
  4. What do I want to join TCS and go for software since I am a chemical engineer?
  5. Do I have any questions from him?

Tips: Prepare beforehand for commonly asked HR questions 

After, 1 month the results were declared in my college that I got selected for TCS digital 🙂

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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