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TCS Digital On-Campus Placement

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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Round 1: TNQT Digital Round

For this round, only students from specific colleges can apply. This round happens in TCS Test Centers. My round took place in TCS’ iON Digital Zone, Powai. There are total 5 sections in this online round. Each section has a specific time to solve it. The sections are as follows:

1 – English: This section consists of vocabulary, completion of sentences, reading skills, etc. A pretty good vocabulary background helps a lot in this section. You need to have a good presence of mind for this round.

2 – Basic Quants: This section consists of basic questions on topics like Trigonometry, Equations, Logical Reasoning. You need to know the formulas of areas of different shapes, and basic maths for this section. Try solving these questions as quickly and as correctly as possible.

3 – Advanced Quants: You need to have application knowledge of mathematics for this section. Try to think out of the box and apply mathematical formulas to solve these problems. This is the most time consuming section of the test. Do not panic while solving the questions, as these questions will consume a lot of time to solve.

4 – Programming Logic: For solving this section, you need to have a good grasp on C, Java and Python languages. Questions like syntax correction, determining output, OOP concepts, error handling, etc. will be asked in this section.

5 – Programming Section: You will need to solve a programming problem in this section. One hour will be allotted for solving the question. I was asked a question based on Dynamic Programming. A code editor will be provided for solving the problem. Avoid using Python, as the code editor gives indentation errors.

I was shortlisted from the above round, and was called for the interview.

Round 2: Interview

The interview takes place in one of the TCS Campuses. You will need to go to their office for the interview.

My interview lasted for about 40 minutes. It was a combined interview of technical, management and HR rounds. It was mostly resume based. They asked me to explain all my projects mentioned on my resume. They also asked about SQL queries and normalization. OOP questions like difference between method overloading and method overriding were also asked. They also asked me to explain Agile methodology and DevOps. Basic HR questions like – tell us about yourself, location preference, who is your role model, etc. were also asked.

I got placed in TCS digital. Special thanks to GeeksForGeeks for making available such a vast repository for studying and interview preparation.

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